this is book with title The Start written by deepak kumar arya

Deepak Kumar Arya founder of Asktohow recently published a book name as The Start: Journey of a Blogger

this book is all about blogging and step by step guide to be a successful blogger, He is running more than 4 blog sites.

and nowadays he is the most successful blogger in India.

Here is the Introduction part of the Book:

Always you want to follow your dream, but it’s not that easy. Everyone thinks he/ she is experienced enough to suggest anyone do

The Start book by Deepak Kumar Arya
this is a book with the title The Start written by Deepak Kumar Arya

the right things with the right platform in the right way to get his/her success easily. But no one finds the right platform to share their thoughts. Here comes blogging in life, Blog is providing you a platform that publishes your thoughts online and delivers your thoughts to those who need that.

Although I am just as passionate about blogging as I was a year ago, I have also come to realize that while my blog is a significant aspect of my business, it is not my business itself. My business goes far beyond just a blog, and far beyond just my skills as a writer and speaker. They are just important pieces of a puzzle that is much bigger than I ever realized.

How does one build a platform from the ground up? Is it even possible in today’s environment, or have the “golden days” of blogging, when everyone had a voice, already passed? How does one navigate the seemingly endless list of tasks that should be done without working 24 hours a day? Is blogging even worth the effort?

My goal is to provide the True Information to all those persons who want to go into the world of blogging. In This First Edition of The Start Book. I will describe all basic to advance information to set up and publish your blog easily step-by-step.

Disclaimer By Deepak Kumar Arya about The Start

  1. I am a blogger who writes in a Technical and political topic. My, features a wide variety of topics, including money-saving tips, politics, DIY projects, household tips, parenting ideas, and more. Because the subject matter of my blog is fairly broad and includes everything from news and DIY projects to parenting tips and personal finance advice, I have had the unique opportunity to learn what works (and what doesn’t) in a variety of topic markets. That said, my area of expertise is not all-inclusive, and it is possible some of what I share in this book will not fit your genre.
  2. My blog has earned a full-time income from the affiliate marketing strategies which is discussed in this book. While blogging is by no means “easy money” and this is not a “get rich quick” book, I believe it IS possible to make a sustainable living entirely from a blog, regardless of the blog genre and audience.
  3. This book is to inspire and share information about how you can start your blogging site form begging to advance. And improve your site SEO to rank on Search Engines, and make money.
  4. This is book is not much focused on making money from blogging. The Start book is all about step-by-step, how-to manual on setting up a blog, and ranking your site with white label method.


The purpose of The Start is to share a blogger’s life how much you have to struggle and work before being a successful blogger in blogging industries. Regardless, you are an expert in this field. I will share my journey of blogging how I was started and come to this position where I can provide you information about blogging. Even I think I am not an expert in this blogging field. But this book is not about or for experts. The Start book is about the beginning of a blog and only a struggler can share the right thoughts about that.

By asktohow

Owner of Asktohow