benefits of deep tissue massage

If you’re a soccer player, you are an avid runner, or you are an athlete who has gotten a hit on their legs during the match, this can leave you feeling very sore and tired afterward. Everyone has been there before – it is immediately after a game, or the day after, and you feel like you can’t sit down or walk upstairs! If your quadriceps – the top of your legs – are extremely sore after a long hike, an intense soccer match, a hard hit in your football game, or cutting back and forth during your tennis set, you may find that getting an intense massage can help you recover faster and better. In this blog, you will know The top 3 benefits of getting a deep tissue massage on your quads post-game.

But how can a deep tissue massage do the trick? Why is this type of therapy method more than other choices when it comes to recovering, rejuvenating your muscles, and restoring a full range of motion? Find out the benefits of using deep tissue massage when compared to other therapy modalities!

The 3 benefits of using deep tissue massage after intense exercise

First off – what is deep tissue massage? Deep tissue massage is a type of massage modality that uses firm pressure, kneading, rolling, pushing, and pulsating on your muscles to get out knots, relieve kinks, and get rid of any sore spots on your muscles so you can move around without pain. By helping your joints, connective tissues, and muscles go back to their healthy state, you can avoid any injuries and long-term pains that can occur after an intense game, injury, or accident. Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and trigger point therapy to target the connective tissues that are surrounding the muscles and joints in your body – therefore, hoping to relieve joint pain and stiffness.

Breaks up scar tissue

After you do a repetitive motion over and over – and you do not recover- you may find that scar tissue has built up on your points and muscles. If you are constantly kicking a soccer ball and you do not do any strengthening exercise, stretching, or massage, you’ll find that scar tissue builds up on your quadriceps muscles. This scar tissue can lead to pain, muscle inhibition, and a reduction in your range of motion. Avoid scar tissue buildup by using deep tissue massage immediately after an intense game.

Rehab injured quad muscles

If you find that you have maybe pulled your quadricep after your game, then you need to figure out how you can rehabilitate your injured muscles. Avoid any long-term issues from carrying into your entire sports season by helping to facilitate recovery by stretching, breaking up knots, and restoring a full range of motion. Deep tissue massage is the best way to help reduce the presence of delayed onset muscle soreness and prevent any long-term chronic injury.

Reduces pain

The last reason why you should consider using deep tissue massage on your quads post-game is to help reduce pain. If you have been hit in the leg and you are having a hard time recovering, the deep tissue massage will help with relieving inflammation and pain without using medications or strong prescriptions. 


If you are at an elite hotel and you find that your quadriceps are hurting after your last soccer game, you need to figure out how you can recover as quickly as possible. Use a deep tissue massage so you can break up scar tissue, reduce pain, and improve your range of motion!