Transformation Beauty Industry eCommerce

The Transformation of Beauty Industry Through eCommerce

The Transformation of Beauty Industry Through eCommerce. For the past ten years, almost every industry has slowly shifted to e-commerce. This generation quickly embraced the convenience technology has offered us. There’s no doubt that buying stuff online and getting it delivered to your doorstep is the most convenient way to shop. Especially this pandemic, e-commerce became extra beneficial for us. Nonetheless, it has always been helpful through the years.

The beauty industry has been soaring even until today. With the non-stop Korean beauty trends, the industry was able to thrive despite the trying times we are experiencing. However, it would not be possible without the help of e-commerce platforms. Let’s discover how the beauty industry progressed over the years through eCommerce.

Building customer trust

Going back a few years, people rarely consider buying beauty products online. Having no guarantee that you will receive the product you paid for is the most significant risk people considered. Most e-commerce sites require payment before ship out, and it became difficult for consumers to develop a sense of trust in these online beauty shops.

There are numerous ways to earn the consumers’ trust. One of which is establishing a return and refund policy within a given amount of time. E-commerce sites provide tracking numbers and updates for the customers to see where their orders are going. Most of these sites also offer live chat for customer inquiries, concerns, and complaints.

The emergence of small beauty retailers

Small businesses have always been an essential part of a country’s economic growth. In the beauty industry, retailers usually resell well-known and in-demand products. But some small retailers chose to formulate their products or just go with private labeling. The most common business you will notice are the ones that resell products.

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Reselling is the easiest way to start your small business. You will only need a reliable supplier that can help you maximize your profit by reselling. Fortunately, various wholesale Korean skincare and beauty sites sell authentic Korean beauty products at a competitive price. Most of these sites offer a vast selection perfect for your shop.

Technological advancement and innovation

The technology we have right now became the key to where the beauty industry stands right now. People are used to trying different product samples in physical stores. Customers being unable to try beauty products possibly affected how consumers perceive online shopping.

Thanks to technological advancement and innovation, AR/VR or augmented reality and virtual reality provide the same experience consumers get from the physical stores.

Some sites started offering AR/VR to their consumers. All they have to do is snap a picture, and they would be able to browse different shades of beauty products applied on their face. However, some colors may vary as specific lighting can affect the shades of other products.

Unfiltered reviews and feedbacks

This aspect can be the most challenging part for online beauty businesses. One negative review that went viral can hugely affect your business sales. Truth be told, you cannot please every customer. However, raw reviews available to read on one’s beauty site will help your potential consumers whether to purchase a product or not.

With reviews and feedback worldwide, people will earn a greater sense of trust in any online beauty site. You can also use these reviews to improve your business and determine what your site lacks on.

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Vloggers and influencers

The sudden rise of beauty vloggers and influencers significantly contributed to the beauty industry we have today. They also have been used as a marketing strategy for beauty brands and sites. These vloggers and influencers also produce beauty hacks and tutorials for beginners that can entice beauty enthusiasts and mere subscribers.

Convenient shopping

Convenience is the most significant transformation the beauty industry has shown. Buying products online has never been easier with these smooth and secured beauty sites. Now that they can duplicate the actual shopping experience through AR/VR technology, they can now provide a complete shopping experience. While offering a smooth shopping experience, they will also deliver your products right at your doorstep! You will not need to go out of your house to buy your beauty needs.


The beauty industry has come a long way. With the help of eCommerce, more and more sectors can flourish online. The beauty industry has always been thriving despite an economic meltdown. Big companies and small retailers are both given a chance to profit by exercising healthy competition. It is with no doubt that the beauty sector would have a bright and exciting future ahead of us.




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