Sex dolls are a fantastic erotic toy for guys, as anyone who has ever used one will attest to. They are painstakingly designed to be as soft and realistic as a real woman in 2023; having sex with them is like spending the night with a supermodel, and you get it every single day of the week. There isn’t a more affordable sex toy available.

Not only can sex dolls be great companions, but they can also give you the impression of having extra company. Particularly when it comes to the upscale sex dolls, which are both sex toys and works of art. Numerous men who have been in relationships discover that they are far happier alone with their sex doll than with a real person.

Nevertheless, not every sex doll is made equal. It’s crucial to choose a doll that will be by your side and endure for many years because, if you get one, you’re making a significant investment. Without a doubt, stay away from dubious businesses that offer sex dolls made of flimsy, uncleanable materials.

I’ve done the dirty work for you and compiled a list of the top sex dolls available right now in this guide.

Review of the Best Sex Dolls

In 2023, there are many different sizes and shapes for Sex Doll Plus UK, and different brands have different qualities. This section will examine some of the top brands of sex dolls, featuring both expensive and less expensive models.


Auburn is a lifelike TPE sex doll with a unique backstory. She is a Seattle-based college student and a virgin. In addition to being very adaptable for inventive pornstar poses, she can perform oral, vaginal, and anal sex. If you’re looking for a girl with realistically smooth skin and full breasts, go for Auburn.

The Most Realistic Sex Doll, Stephanie 1.0

Years ahead of the rest of the sex doll industry, RealDoll is the company that makes Stephanie.

It’s simple to understand why after taking one look at this stunning doll’s body. She has tan skin tone, 33C cup breasts (yes, they feel as good as they look), and realistic hi-realism eyes.

The ‘Face X’ feature of Stephanie is very advantageous as it allows you to replace the head with a different RealDoll body. This lowers the cost and storage space required for them while enabling your doll to change into multiple doll partners.

Natalie 2.0

With a detachable vagina that fastens with magnets, Natalie is among the newest options in the RealDoll 2.0 line. Natalie is characterised by her full red lips, long, flowing hair, and prominent nipples. You are able to alter her body to fit your own tastes, just like you can with all RealDoll models.

Olivia in Version 2.0

Olivia includes the removable vagina and interchangeable head that are standard on the RealDoll 2.0 line. With her large chestnut nipples and red highlights, this blonde girl really pops out of the crowd. For a natural-looking and feeling appearance, she has gel implants in her buttocks and breasts.

Bunny Playmate

For the best sex doll experience to realise your Playboy dreams, choose the Bunny Playmate. With three realistic holes, this model offers sex that feels realistic right out of the centrefold. She’s not exactly dressed like the Playboy bunny, but she loves dressing up and looks amazing in panties.


Lily is a small fantasy come true, with green eyes and dark hair. Her small stature belies her unusually large breasts, and her pliable joints allow her to enjoy both lying on her back and bending over. Lily is ideal for oral, anal, and vaginal sex because she has three orifices.


Laeticia is a tiny sex doll with enormous breasts and a narrow waist. She can easily switch between vaginal, anal, and oral sex thanks to her three orifices. Laeticia is one of the most gorgeous sex dolls you have ever seen, with her jet-black hair and tanned skin.


One of the greatest silicone sex dolls available at this price range is Natasha. Her large breasts and short hair add to her slender and sexy appearance. Her body’s flexibility allows her to assume many different poses, and her curves are attractive from every angle. This pairing of style and attitude is unbeatable.

Fuck Me Silly

For guys who are ready to move up to a full size sex doll but don’t want to settle for a fleshlight, the Fuck Me Silly is the ideal option. Due to its lightweight and compact design, changing between positions—missionary, doggy, etc.—without needing to realign a full sex doll body is simple. Its two holes and Fanta Flesh construction provide a realistic feel and ease of cleaning.

Mini sex doll

Between a fleshlight and a full-size sex doll, this mini-sex doll lies in the middle. You will have a more stimulating experience because the two orifices have textured canals, unlike most sex dolls. Because of the material’s waterproof nature and its small size, you can wear it into the bathtub. It’s a full-sized doll, but you’ll have to use your imagination because it doesn’t have any limbs or a head.



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