The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Installing LED Lights

The right lighting is critical to any property. If it is too harsh the property will feel cold and uninviting, too warm may make it difficult to see when you are trying to get detailed work done. This is why many people turn to a qualified Sydney electrician and have recessed lights fitted. Combined with a dimmer function they can help you to get the perfect ambiance. Alongside this, you may like the idea of installing LED lights. The good news is this is something that you can easily do yourself. 

Why Installing LED Lights

In general LED lights are purchased as a strip. The strip can be stuck anywhere to create additional light or a certain ambiance. Whether you are looking for a little light at your desk, a glow in your camper, or simply a different ambiance in your room, these are the right choice. 

Check the Power Rating

LED lights come in different power settings. You’ll need to verify whether you are working with 12V or 24V. Don’t forget, you need to match the voltage of the LED strip to the transformer you are going to use. Too low and it won’t power the lights, too high and it is likely to blow them. 


The next step is to consider where you want the strip to go. If you want them to go outside you’re going to need to make sure you have a weatherproof outdoor strip.

You should also note that most LED strips will have a colour code.

  • RGB – Colours only. This requires four wires
  • RGBW – white and colours. You’ll notice five wires
  • RGB & CCT – white and colours and it can change the temperature of the light, it needs six wires to run properly

It is important to get a controller that accommodates the same number of wires as your chosen LED lighting strip. 

Cutting The Strip

The great thing about LED light strips is that you can cut them to size. Simply choose where the strip is going and how long it needs to be, then cut the strip to the desired size. All you have to do when cutting is to cut through the copper contacts on the wire. 

Connecting Wires

The wires that go to the controller can be clamped into the terminals in the controller, there is no need to strip the wires. The same is true where the wires join the strip. You’ll notice the strip simply slides into the connector and the wires need to be inserted into each slot, there is a colour code included to make sure you put each wire in the right place

Position & Test

You can now position your lights, you’ll find that most LED light strips have adhesive on the back. Simply peel away the coating and stick them in the desired spot. You can then insert the batteries or plug the controller into the power outlet and turn them on. This allows you to play with the settings until you are happy with the light.