About Custom Logo Mats

Custom logo rugs are not just mats that sit on the entrance of your establishment. There are many more roles of custom logo rugs that you are unaware of. These mats are usually synthetic or coir mats on which your brand logo, company name, tagline, marketing message, and much more can be printed effortlessly. You can either choose synthetic, rubber, or coir logo mats. In this blog, you will know Things You Don’t Know About Custom Logo Mats.

It displays & communicates your company’s assets through a mat that can be used throughout the year… without costing you much!

Here are the four things that you might not know about custom logo rugs:

  1. Outdoor and Indoor Mat: You can go for custom logo rugs, which are both indoor and outdoor entrance mats. And there are also different mats available for different uses. The more, the merrier. The more mats you place, the more customer safety and protection are ensured. It also picks up dirt and dust from the floor right when someone steps on it. As a result of this, less cleaning is required. 
  2. They protect your flooring: Many people come in and out of your establishment every day. These actions can have adverse effects on your flooring. This continuous in and out leads to faster accumulation of water and dust, which would require frequent flooring replacement. This usually happens with the entrance flooring. 
  3. Custom logo rugs stop this from occurring by collecting all the dust from your customers’ shoes the moment they walk in. And this results in less floor damage.
  4. Act as point of sale display: Custom logo mats can direct your customers towards a specific product section through signs and directions. It can highlight sales, giveaways, discounts, offers, contests, and other promotional messages. You can place it in front of a product, and it can help provide useful information about the product to your customer. This helps in making the right purchase decision.
  5. Boosts team member morale: You very well know by now that customized floor rugs & mats are used at different company areas such as checkout counters, receptions, and high-visibility areas to create a brand image. But surprisingly, you can also use these custom-made rugs to promote team member safety and engrave motivational quotes & messages to increase company loyalty and enthusiasm. You can choose a comfortable mat for your employees who stand and guide customers throughout the day and print a motivational message to keep them going. 
  6. Can be used anywhere and everywhere: You can use these custom-made mats everywhere where you want to create brand awareness. It can be used at your office, at your pop-up store, at your retail as well as a sales outlet, or at exhibitions and trade shows. They are easy to use and clean and are long-lasting enough to be used for a longer period. And hence, save you hundreds and thousands of dollars plus do a great job for your brand and business.

We hope that you now know everything about custom logo mats!