Find out three recently new medical advances that were designed to help treat conditions better. This short list is quick and easy to understand, making sure your always aware of new developments in health care.

Cell therapy for wounds:

Cell therapy is a specifically designed treatment method, using healthy cells in replacement for diseased infested and poor/dysfunctional cells.

Cell therapy has been used for a couple of years in the treatment of multiple conditions and other medical needs, as it is applicable to many types of conditions, injuries and diseases. However now it is being developed to be used in the treatment of wounds that an individual has obtained.

It has recently been developed in the United Kingdom and will help many individuals treat their wounds effectively and with a better delivery method. The basis for this advancement is due to the common outcomes experienced after obtaining a cutaneous injury.

Treating a wound properly is extremely important as if it under treated or not treated at all, can lead to the development of a non-healed chronic wound which is very hard to treat.

The Treatment will be delivered through the method of biological scaffolding as it is stable and viable even within a bad wound, making the deliverance of new cells potential high making it a more successful method.

Vacuum-Induced Uterine Tamponade Device for Postpartum Hemorrhage device:

The Vacuum-Induced Uterine Tamponade Device for Postpartum Hemorrhage device is a newly developed device that reduce and stop bleeding caused by the uterus’s failure to the stop vessels that were attached to the placenta.

The name itself is very long and may come off as quite intimidating however it is just a longed-out version of vacuum-induced uterine tamponade.

Currently being developed and tested in the United States of America, this treatment is designed to work in the way a woman’s body would work to treat PPH. There are already some methods however they do not work in the way a woman’s body would usually work which is why this new advancement is exciting.

It is advancement that is incredibly needed as many women die during childbirth increasingly due postpartum hemorrhage which is extremely upsetting.

The treatment will be done in the manner of an insertion of the device into the woman’s uterus, releasing soft suctions within causing the contracting and shrinking to occur within. This then puts a stop to the bleeding making the process of childbirth easier.

It is still being tested and monitored however it is something to look forward to in the future.  

Proton Beam Therapy:

Proton beam therapy is a very particular and precise type of treatment. This leads to why it is usually personally tailored to meet the specific needs of the patient that requires it. 

It is treatment used for treating cancer patients, understanding the particular nature of their condition. Proton beam therapy is unique in the sense that it does not only treat the forefront tumours but also the ones that are usually harder to access, one’s that are usually surrounding sensitive organs and tissues.

It is not like other normal conventional forms of radiotherapy; this applies a higher level of accuracy. Working by utilising the acceleration of protons the accomplish a treatment that is highly accurate, exposing radiation on the diseased tissue.

This treatment is available in the United Kingdom offered by multiple care services. It is often paid for either by the individual themselves or through the NHS (National Health Service) making it accessible to more cancer patients.

We hope this information was beneficial and that you learnt something new about the modern medical advances going on around you.