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Those who study healthcare have to produce hundreds of essays during their studies. With what is going on these days, essays seem to be the most objective task to evaluate students’ writing, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities. Indeed, paper writing plays a pivotal role in our understanding of a certain topic. Professors strongly rely on essay writing to see whether we progress upon our studies or not. Here are Three simple tips on writing an essay on healthcare topics.

But be that as it may, not everyone can compose a good paper on a healthcare topic. Even though some students may be impressively knowledgeable, their writing skills don’t allow them to get the highest grade. If you are one of them, the odds are high that you will end up having a mediocre average. You don’t want that. And neither do we. So, what would be the best option to know how to write an essay on healthcare topics? Reading our simple and effective tips, of course!

What Is A Healthcare Essay?

Structure Is Unavoidable

Find Model Articles For Inspiration

Utilize Tools To Polish Your Work To Shine

What Is A Healthcare Essay?

Since healthcare is a broad field, there are myriads of topics to write about. Depending on your course and interests, you can write about genetic engineering, euthanasia, e-health technology, and many more. If your teacher assigned you a topic, you can save lots of time thinking about it yourself. Conversely, if you have freedom of choice and can write about nearly anything that corresponds with healthcare but have no idea what to choose, consider answering these questions:

  • What strikes you the most in healthcare?
  • Are you fully aware of the topic?
  • Can you prove your stance and back up your position with credible sources?
  • Is your topic debatable?
  • Are there a decent number of materials available to research the topic?

If you can answer those, you come up with the topic quickly. But before delving into it, make sure your educator approves it.

Structure Is Unavoidable

Every essay must follow academic rules. Do you know how teachers check papers? They have a special rubric to stick to. And the first element they pay close attention to is the structure. If your paper doesn’t follow a proper structure, the professor has the right to give your essay the lowest grade immediately without further checking. 

Therefore, whatever topic you write about, the structure is a must. Usually, essays comprise an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. They all have peculiarities you should know about. For instance, an introduction has:

  • A hook
  • Background information
  • A thesis statement

They all carry specific goals. A hook aims to spark the reader’s curiosity. Oftentimes, a hook (also known as an opening sentence) is written in the form of an anecdote to make the reader follow the paper. But since you have to write about healthcare, make sure to remain a bit more serious. You can include statistics or a widely known misconception and then debunk it. 

In turn, background information helps the audience get the necessary details to understand further content. 

A thesis statement is your essay’s backbone. It is a condensed and accurate sentence placed at the introduction’s end. A thesis statement points out key arguments you will develop within your body part.

Then goes a body section. It contains:

  • A topic sentence
  • Evidence and explanation
  • Transition

Briefly, a topic sentence draws a parallel with a thesis statement, speaks about one point from it, and develops it in the paragraph.

Once you write a topic sentence, include one credible and relevant example and explain its importance.

Transition helps your essay stay logical and cohesive. It works like glue, suturing every paragraph into a full-fledged essay.

Finally, a conclusion is the last paragraph that comprises:

  • A thesis reminder
  • Key points
  • Call to Action

The first sentence usually goes back to the thesis statement, reminding the readers about the main points. 

Then are key facts and credible examples.

Call to Action motivates the audience to delve into the topic and enlarge its knowledge.

Find Model Articles For Inspiration

We live in a fast-paced environment and can find nearly anything on the Internet. It makes our life considerably easier, allowing us to boost our comprehension of various subjects. Writing is not an exception. Check what exemplary papers on healthcare look like. Analyze the format and the authors’ writing styles. Look at different patterns and passages they use and follow. You may even add such literature to your paper! You can find such articles on the web pages, like:

  • Google Scholar
  • American Journal of Public Health
  • Journal of Healthcare Management
  • International Journal of Public Health
  • The BMJ
  • ResearchGate
  • Journal of Community Management

Needless to say that you have to cite sources any time you refer to them when working on assignments. Educational institutions have rules concerning the use of formatting style. Every university or college requires following a different formatting style. Clarify which one you have to stick to beforehand.

Utilize Tools To Polish Your Work To Shine

Far are those times when people had to spend days to edit their works and hire professional editors to do that. Well, prolific writers still have personal editors who perfect their works. But believe it or not, it is not necessary anymore. You can refine your work quickly and effectively without sending it to anyone. Employ these tools to make your bald and clear:

  • Grammarly: Everyone has heard of Grammarly. It is currently the best spell checker in the market. Grammarly is a freemium app that checks English texts and helps adjust them to grammatical, punctuation, and lexical rules. 
  • Hemingway Editor: You don’t have to ask your colleagues and friends to proofread your works and check whether they are readable. Hemingway will do it for them! The app highlights hard to read words and phrases and recommends replacing them for free.
  • Thesaurus: No one likes repetitions because as they irk. Using one word twice within a sentence will do you no good. Thesaurus will help you find the best synonym for your most repetitive words without paying a dime.


Healthcare is an awe-inspiring and extensive field that attracts thousands of students. However, writing healthcare assignments may decrease the level of curiosity. Completing such tasks may be a time-consuming and challenging process. Fortunately, you can finish them and have plenty of spare time for other activities using the mentioned tricks. Good luck!

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