Most people go to Las Vegas to have unforgettable and fun experiences. The Las Vegas escort experience is one of those things. There is no lack of beautiful women offering advances in bed in Las Vegas. So, if you want to set yourself and your services apart from the crowd, these tips can surely help you achieve that goal. 

Be sure to read the whole article to keep your clients coming back for more. Some of these tips are helpful for other females who want to satisfy their partner in bed as well.

Work On The Principles Of Confidentiality And Trust

A reputed escort must work using the principles of confidence and trust. Intercourse is indeed one of the most intimate experiences two people can share. Being paid for sex doesn’t make it any less intimate. Therefore, a foundation of trust should be built beforehand. If the client is uncomfortable with others knowing the details, your lips should be sealed.

Moreover, you must be honest with your client before getting them in bed. This honesty should be regarding things like age, sexuality, experience, etc. This can help both parties have an even better time in bed knowing that they can trust one another and that this is a moment shared by only the two of them.

Know Your Client’s Kinks

It is no secret that most people who book an escort are kinky by nature. They prefer booking escorts to explore their kinks as these women can be much more accepting than an average female. Therefore, the primary job of any escort should be to help their clients explore their kinks. To do that, knowing the kink is very much necessary.

You can talk about your client’s kinks before doing the deed as it is one of the best forms of foreplay. However, if your client is not much of a talker, you can figure it out for yourself. Analyze your client’s behavior to see whether he enjoys being the one in control or the other way around. Either way, you can adapt your sexual performance according to their kinks to provide them with the utmost satisfaction.

Working With The Websites In Your Area

In this modern era of technology, Las Vegas escorts are bound to get more clients by registering with a website rather than going rogue and solo. This is because people trust websites such as to provide them with hot and sexy escorts rather than going out into the streets to find them on their own.

Not to forget how easy it is to schedule meet-ups using an escort website. Your clients can discuss all the details such as time, venue, requirements, etc. using a website that is the safer option for both parties involved.

Be Up To Date With Today’s Trends And Your Socials

The world is becoming increasingly sex-positive these days. This means that people are no longer ashamed to talk about sex on social media. This gives rise to many new sexual tips and positions that most men would love to try. For instance, the coconut trend means spelling the word “coconut” while being on top.

Nonetheless, men go crazy for trying out new sexual activities to break away from an otherwise, stagnant sex life. One other tip is to remain somewhat active on social media. This will not only help lure in new clients but can also be a sweet reminder to the old clients of what they are missing.

Know Your Way Around Local Clubs And Bars

There is a huge possibility that your clients aren’t local Las Vegas citizens. Therefore, to show them the best time in Las Vegas, you must know the best clubs and bars that you know they will enjoy. Not to forget that fun bars and clubs are a huge market to lure in sexually depraved clients. 

You can even be a sexy personal tour guide for your client completed with a passionate lovemaking session at night. This is the best trick in the book to make your clients remember you and keep them coming back for more. You can also have a fun time interacting with them through dancing, conversations, etc. 

Practicing Safe Sex And Regular Checkups

The most important factor that an escort must keep in mind is the practice of safe sex. Contraception should always be used with every client, preferably a condom. It is because the risk of gaining and passing any type of infection becomes negligible if a condom is used. However, check-ups should be done regardless of the use of contraception.

It is the only ethical way of doing this business and will also help you gain more clients by winning over their trust. Not to forget, it is the safer option for you as well. 

Daily Workouts For Flexibility And Fitness

Looking physically appealing is another crucial criterion for an escort, along with her skills of course. You can achieve that through several workouts that are proven to improve one’s sex life to an extent. For instance, you can try out pilates for flexibility and thigh workouts to make riding easier and more long-lasting without getting tired.

The Subtle Art Of Seduction

An escort has to master subtle seduction to lure in as many clients as possible. And learning it is not even that difficult. There are many ways that a woman can act seductive such as femme fatale seduction, submissive seduction, etc. All you have to do is find your forte and work on those skills.

Seducing clients can be as easy as looking at them with siren eyes or maintaining eye contact while dancing. It is another easiest trick in the book to make men swoon over you and accept your advances. You can also dress seductively by matching your outfits with black lace, corsets, etc.

That completes the list of tips to lure in clients while working as an escort. If you are a escort or even an independent escort, these tips will surely work like magic for you.