renovating your home

Renovating your house can be a tiring process, especially when you are unsure how to go about it. From deciding the colour schemes to deciding the kind of aesthetic you want to go for the tasks are never-ending. However, when thinking of renovating your home, make sure you keep in mind two factors- what will make the place comfortable for you now and what design ideas would make the house good for re-sale later. If you are unsure where to begin, here is a list of ideas for you 

Use original architecture

If you have a home that was built a long time ago or has a good history, then using the original architecture is the perfect addition when renovating your home. A mix of the old and the new, by using the original architecture of your home, you bring out its personality while also simultaneously adding your character to it. Using original architecture can also lead to more space as you get rid of the drywall or the low ceilings that may have been introduced at some point in time. 

You can use several interior designing techniques to draw attention to these original designs as well. For example, if there is a fireplace that was original to the house, draw attention to it by making it the focal point. Getting your TV wall mounted over this fireplace will also make it shine. If you want to get your TV wall mounted by professionals, click here

Use three colour theory

The three-colour theory is the perfect way to go about if you are unsure about how you want to decorate the house. The three-colour theory follows that you need to choose one colour for the walls, one for the furniture and one for the décor. This theory allows there to be balance in your home and makes your space look cohesive and bright. 

To find out what colours work the best for your space, try creating mood boards with the colours and the kind of furniture you want. This allows you to catch any mistakes or any clash between the colours and the décor that you might have thought would go well together. 

Go for bold choices

This does not necessarily mean going for patterns and colours that you don’t like. Rather, going for bold colours means experimenting with shades other than neutrals. Essentially, stepping out of your comfort zone to embrace textures and patterns that make your place feel more like home should be the end goal when renovating your home. If you want to choose a bolder and brighter colour but are unsure where to start, try using nature-inspired colours- terracotta, deep greens and yellows and brilliant blues. These colours will not only make the space seem brighter, despite the dark shades but will also build a connection with nature, making your home feel relaxing. 

Alternatively, you can go for coloured furniture and décor if you want to avoid painting the walls. Adding art to the room is another way to spice up your walls while sticking to safer neutral colours. Choose fabrics and textures that will add dimensions and depth to the room. 

Increase windows

It can not be said enough, but if you are renovating your house, make sure you increase the windows- both in numbers and in size. Natural daylight is extremely important as it makes us feel less stressed and unhappy. By opting for the floor to ceiling windows, you will make the space feel bigger and fresher than it originally did. Adding windows to rooms that originally did not have bigger windows would make them feel less claustrophobic. Windows can also be made the focal point of the room, especially if you want to take the attention away from the technology or if you have a garden facing window/ window with a good view. 

Go for an open plan 

Just like how bigger windows make the space look bigger, reducing walls and going for an open plan area makes the place look much brighter and bigger than before. Instead of diving your space into various rooms- living room, kitchen, dining hall etc- go for an open plan living area. Create partitions through flooring or wall arts and décor placement. This will add to the personality of the house while also allowing you to have more space.

Make it your own

At the end of the day, your house is a place where you are going to spend the majority of your time in and by converting it into a home where you can be comfortable and relaxed, you make it your own. Add personal details and touches- choose décor and design styles that call to you, colours that make you happier and textures that make you relaxed.