Men’s Sex Toys

People and couples are increasingly venturing into the world of sexual discovery by sharing fantasies and new experiences with their partners. It’s important that women, and especially men, experiment and explore their sexual desires and pleasure through the use of sex toys to open up to the new and reinventing sexual relations. The taboo on sex toys for men is gradually lifting and now’s the best time to dive headfirst into exploration that can aid your confidence and sex life with your partner. To help your sex toy experience even further, we’ve pulled together some top tips on using men’s sex toys.

Use Lots of Lube

Adding lube when using a sex toy can take your experience with your toy from great to utterly incredible! Lube is a way to get the most out of your sex toy by reducing friction and making it easier to use. Lube comes in a range of different forms from water-based lube which feels the most similar to natural lubricant, silicone-based lube that is great for shower and bath sex, and hybrid lube takes the best of both. Adding lube to your fleshlight can add a different dimension to your masturbation and help you to climax more quickly. However, avoid silicone lube with silicone sex toys as this can break down the material which leaves them unusable. 

Change Up Positions

When using your male sex toy, you might be used to the standard position laying on your back and thrusting into your fleshlight using your hand. However, by changing up the position you can experience incredible new pleasure. Try placing the toy against the wall or getting onto your hands and knees to see what positions feel the best and simulate real sex the most. Some male sex toys even come with wall mounts so that you can use them in the shower or on different surfaces around the house.  

Take Time Getting to Know Yourself

Sex toys allow you to explore your body and the sensations that feel great to you. By experiencing different realms of pleasure by using a sex toy, you can find out what gives you pleasure and what you want to take into your sex life and communicate with your partner. Many different sex toys can help in your discovery for pleasure like prostate massagers, vibrating penis rings, butt plugs and penis pumps. 

Set The Mood

When setting the mood before playing with your Men’s Sex Toys, you may be surprised what it can do for your experience. Engaging all the senses like vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste, you can heighten the amount of pleasure you experience. Use candles and music to set the tone for your session (whether that’s alone or with your partner) or watch your favourite porn video to get you in the mood. If exploring the sex toys with your partner, spread rose petals on the bed and spray some pheromones to arouse the both of you even more.