Nottingham is one of the most famous places where thousands of students come each year to study in its prestigious universities. With so many students visiting Nottingham, this place has one of the best accommodation for students. Students truly have a ball staying at these accommodation. With so many student apartments in Nottingham, it becomes tedious for a student to select the best one for himself. So, we have combined a list for your ease.

Here are some tips to find the best student accommodation in Nottingham:

  1. Choose the area smartly

While finding student accommodation in Nottingham, a person needs to choose the location wisely. There are many benefits to choose accommodation which is close to the institution. This will save your travel expenses and time as you do not need to spend extra money to go to and fro from the institution to the accommodation. As a student, you will always be in the need of saving money so this might be a great start to it. Then, saving time is another factor that one should consider. Living in the city might add to the rent but it has its perks. All the pubs, bars and cinema halls will be in close vicinity to you. Not only this, your place will the hub where all your friends chill out and have sleepovers. Another benefit of choosing accommodation in the city, you do not need to take a cab if you are travelling during late nights. Make sure that the area is safe and many students already live there.

  1. Have the perfect housemates

Students need to choose accommodation with housemates that are perfect for them. Having the best housemates is like a blessing. Since they are going to be around you all the time, make sure they are just like you. You do not want a housemate who keeps interrupting you on every little thing. Instead, you would prefer someone who would go out for drinks with you and be a lovable host to your friends. Having the nicest housemates helps you to enjoy the movie nights, late-night partying, Sundays, last moment revision for exams and whatnot. If you want to live comfortably and have fun as well, having the best housemates is the most important thing to consider. One important thing to make sure is that do not rush into deciding on choosing your housemates. They may seem fun but make your decision wisely. Sit with them for some time and know them before signing the contract.

  1. Check the documents properly before signing

Do not trust someone blindly. Have a proper look at the contracts by yourself. The contract has many details that one should go through properly before signing. Make sure that there is nothing that makes you uncomfortable or that throws you under the bus. Have equal rights in everything and do not let your housemates act like the owners. Make sure everything is mentioned in the contract and proofread it thoroughly. If you have any confusions, ask them questions. Like is the access to furniture included in the rent, what extra bills are to be paid etc. Since the contract is a legal binding, take your time to read it and then sign it. Do not sign anything based on trust.

  1. Compare the accommodation before making a decision

It is always better to have a few options. You may consider that the first option is the best one but you do not know what other options are offering. Have a visit at all the accommodation that you have listed and make a list of pros and cons. This list will help you to make your decision easier. Choose the accommodation that is best suited for you in all terms. For example, if you have to choose between a bigger room and better housemates, always go for better housemates. Similarly, there are many decisions that you should take for your betterment in the long run. Choose the accommodation that provides you with all the facilities as well. So, comparing the accommodation is always a good practice and helps you to choose the best option.

  1. Start hunting for the accommodation in advance

There are times when it is not easy to find accommodation. November is the best time to start your hunt. If you start looking for your accommodation before the time, it will give you enough time to explore the options and many options will be available to you. You do not have to choose among the ones rejected by others. Start signing in to the newsletter ahead of time and keep a check on the availability. Book an appointment or set up a meeting as soon as you see the availability. Shift as soon as you can so you do not miss out on the opportunity. It is better to be early and choose the best option than to be late and settle for the worst one.

  1. Word of mouth

Nothing is better than seeking advice from your seniors about the best accommodation in town. They can be very helpful in providing you with the best deal. Since they have the experience, they can guide you well enough to choose the best option. Many landlords provide their older tenants with some referral fees for successful recommendations. In this case, the seniors will be more than happy to help you. Do not just go for what a senior says as he might be doing it for the referral money, go with the common word of mouth. Some accommodation are so good that they are widely appreciated by everyone. Stay alert and choose the most popular accommodation.

There are many accommodation available in Nottingham so it is obvious for a student to get confused about choosing the right one. We have made your work easier by combining a list that specifies everything that you should consider before finding the right accommodation. If you are a student who is looking for accommodation in Nottingham, go through the list of tips combined by us to select the right accommodation and have a blast in Nottingham.