Social media apps are an essential part of modern life. People use various types of such software. We share posts and news on Facebook, upload striking photos to Instagram, or bookmark interesting ideas on Pinterest. Moreover, social media platforms are no longer simple entertainment tools. They give enterprises and SMEs tremendous opportunities for business growth. Leading companies keep social accounts to promote their products and services in these digital venues.

If your company has come up with an idea for social media software, hire a team of IT professionals specializing in delivering such products. When searching for a perfect partner, pay attention to authoritative sources such as The Manifest and Clutch. These sites regularly publish trustworthy top rankings of top social media app development companies. 

Many leading software providers are located in Germany. Let’s look at the best social media app development companies that have earned customer trust. 


Andersen has been active since 2007. As one of the best social media app development companies, it creates custom apps and ensures high-end support and maintenance. The firm has already built more than 40 social media software solutions. A team of over 70 experts works on versatile software. Andersen’s professionals create social networking apps, media sharing platforms, messaging and dating apps, and consumer review/blogging/publishing networks. All these products have an excellent UI and many convenient features (in-app communication, payment system integration, user management and interaction, etc.). 

Andersen’s clients get efficient digital solutions allowing end-users to interact seamlessly. Among the company’s clients are Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Management Events, and others. The software provider has a high ranking of 4.9 stars on Clutch. 


Makers’ Den

This Berlin-based social media platform company has a small yet powerful team. It mainly cooperates with SMEs and offers a variety of digital services, including social media app development. IT professionals working at this firm have mastered AWS, JavaScript, ReactJS, and other cutting-edge technologies. They strive to keep ahead with the time and competition. 

In his Clutch feedback, Benjamin Zengler of Fyrfeed expresses his gratitude to the team for their dedication and excellent performance. Makers’ Den created a social media post platform for his company. Developers were working hard to build a solution promptly and showed excellent communication skills. The company’s overall Clutch rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars. Quite impressive, isn’t it? 


Emerald Solutions

Found in 2018, Emerald Solutions strive to build unconventional software products. Social media platform development is one of the key activities here. The firm’s top priority is beautiful and clear design. Clients receive astonishing feature-rich mobile apps and gladly recommend this IT company to their partners. In his Clutch rating, Rafael Ono Pasquini of Etergo expresses extreme satisfaction with the team’s performance.  

Emerald Solutions’ employees are amazingly fast at delivering apps. They can build an MVP in just 10 days. Implementing a full-scale product won’t take too much time, either. Thanks to Agile techniques, IT experts are flexible and keep their customers up to date with crucial issues of the development process. They use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the maximum quality of software solutions. 


Hybrid Heroes

This cross-platform app development studio focuses on delivering digital products with outstanding user experience. The cornerstones of the entire development process are concept, design, and user-friendliness. As the company’s name suggests, its primary aim is building hybrid software. Since 2015, experienced IT professionals have been delivering high-quality mobile and web products.

Hybrid Heroes are experts in such technologies as Angular JS, React Native, PhoneGap, and others. 

This social media platform company has renowned clients. Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg is one of them. Hybrid Heroes has rebuilt the broadcaster’s legacy app using React Native. Freie Universität Berlin is also grateful to this software developer for an efficient and user-friendly app highly demanded by scholars conducting international studies. 



HappyByte’s team members work in Germany and Poland. They have been active in the digital market for over 12 years. IT professionals offer both short- and long-term cooperation. Should your software solution need a redesign, support, or maintenance, the company’s experts will always help you.

Developers work on a variety of projects and use key modern technologies such as Angular, Node.js, Flutter, etc. Social media app development is among the key vectors of their activity. 

HappyByte has an impressive rating of 5/5 stars on Clutch, which makes it one of the top social media app development companies. Customers gladly share their feedback and gratitude to this excellent software provider. For example, Maximilian Möhrle, CEO of, mentions the employees’ commitment. They create high-quality software for others as if they were building it for their own purposes.


ScorpionTC is a young social media platform company from Selm, Germany. It was founded in 2019 but has already gained customer trust through exceptional development services. The team cooperates with large enterprises and SMEs and offers a wide range of digital products. These are websites, portals, and mobile apps. 

Employees treat each solution differently. They know perfectly that a product successful in one sector of the economy can be a complete failure in another one. Therefore, they are flexible and search for optimal approaches to software development. Specialist conduct market research and base product functionality on its result. 

Gap Dynamics 

Based in Düsseldorf, Gap Dynamics offers a full cycle of IT services. Its human-centered approach and robust software solutions have already attracted a grateful clientele. Since 2006, this software provider has been consulting customers on the issues of digital transformation and engineering. It works with global corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, and startups.

Web design, social media platform development, blockchain solutions, SEO, digital marketing, and others – Gap Dynamics offers a variety of highly demanded services. It pays special attention to developing cutting-edge social media app solutions. The company’s employees are experts in such technologies as React/Gatsby, Node, Python/Django, and so on.

True Pixel Creative

For 20 years, True Pixel Creative has been delivering innovative software solutions. It mostly cooperates with small businesses. The firm’s key industry focus is media software (50% of all projects). It has already gained customer trust in this field. This social media platform company doesn’t only create innovative digital products but helps businesses build their brand identities. 

In its software, True Pixel Creative implements exquisite urban design. As a result, the apps are not only efficient but aesthetically pleasing. With such products, any business will achieve its marketing goals and attract new customers. 

One more important fact is worth mentioning. This developer supports the core values of modern civilization. Social equity, environmental stewardship, and cultural identity: by making emphasis on these and other issues in its software, True Pixel Creative successfully promotes diversity and beauty.


Hatch’s clients come from various industries. Global corporations, SMEs, and startups see it as a reliable IT partner ready to build an app of any complexity. The company with offices in Germany, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein offers high-quality services in custom software development, UX/UI design, IT consulting, etc. Specialists are attentive to customers’ needs and “hatch” every digital project with commitment and care. All this makes this provider one of the best social media app development companies.

Expertise, excellence, and experience have already brought Hatch loyal customers and amazing feedback. It has a 5/5-star rating on Clutch. Marius Treu of Vayu GmbH says that Hatch oversaw a social media platform development project for his company. IT specialists built a solution with a breathtaking design in a short time.

Codana GmbH

Since 2015, this social media platform company strives to create custom web and mobile apps with unique designs. Codana’s young team includes developers, marketers, PMs, UX/UI designers, and other specialists necessary for a successful IT project. Experienced employees put an emphasis on constant self-development, strive to introduce the latest innovations, and embrace key technologies. One of their primary interests is developing VR and AR solutions, which can make social media programs extremely exciting. 

Codana’s key clients are Siemens, Teubert, Hochschule Heilbronn, and others. You can book a completely free consultation on an individual software project and make sure this company is the right choice for you. 



People cannot live without communication. Innovative programs help them stay in touch and share the most interesting experiences, news, and files. That’s why more and more companies think of social media app development. 

If you need an extremely efficient and good-looking social media app, pay attention to the top social media app development companies mentioned above. Visit their websites for more details and insights and choose a reliable partner for your project. 




By varsha