Blackjack is a very popular casino game today; however, it has been around for many years — even before the advent of online casino websites. On the one hand, the UAE does not allow its citizens to participate in gambling. Gambling draws prison sentences or heavy fines. With the top blackjack online casino in UAE, citizens can enjoy blackjack games, bet, win — or lose, without issues. Let’s explore the UAE blackjack casino world. 

Best UAE blackjack casinos:

  1. 1XBet
  2. Fans bet
  3. 22Bet
  4. Betway
  5. 888Casino


1XBet has sealed itself as a blackjack giant. With an intuitive user interface and an array of online gambling games, 1XBet is the stop shop for everything fun and easy. Get your cards ready! In 1XBet’s interface, you have 50 blackjack titles, each with its unique range and settings. What’s better? The titles can be played on a zero-fee basis. 

1XBet also offers a good range of live dealer blackjack games, functional betting limits, and extensive payment options. You get incentives, quality bonuses, and a wide range of other online casino games should you decide to retire from blackjack and explore other gaming options. 


  • Excellent reputation for liquidity and security
  • An extensive collection of blackjack games, including live dealers. 
  • Bonuses, especially for loyal customers. 
  • Sign-up bonus and extensive bonuses throughout gameplay of different games. 


  • The website might not be familiar territory, especially for beginner gamers. 



22Bet has an intuitive user interface, just like 1XBet, but it does better. Mobile applications are clean. Navigation is excellent, and the content is not cluttered. Judgment? You get exactly what you pay for. What 22Bet lacks, however, is its array of blackjack games. Unlike 1XBet, which has 50 games, 2Bet has only around three dozen, but then it has an impressive array of online games. 


  • Simple and sleek user interface
  • Free-to-play live blackjack game makes 22Bet  a treasure (not many online blackjack games offer free play stays). 
  • Intuitive and excellent mobile application with almost similar functionality.
  • Many withdrawal and deposit options 


  • Not many blackjack games like 1XBet. 
  • Withdrawals can be slow during peak hours. 


Betway is the king of blackjacks and the top-tiered online gambling game. It’s one of the most popular platforms to play blackjack online for real money in UAE. With a reputation as a great online sportsbook, an array of top-tier slot games, and dozens of blackjack variants (with more added now and then), Betway tops most other applications. The platform also keeps it simple, and simplicity often wins the round in design. A black and white contrast, an easily navigated menu, and intuitiveness are only some of the best features that have kept Betway on this list. 


  • An excellent collection of blackjack games and more are added regularly to the platform.
  • Sleek interface and excellent functionality. 
  • Tempting bonuses.


  • Around 20 blackjack games (the number isn’t impressive, but Betway has the top-tiered game and many other online betting games). 


10Bet offers live casinos from Evolution Gaming. Betting individuals should be familiar with Evolution Gaming, and this alone speaks to the specific nature of 10Bet to cater to players’ needs for table games. 10Best has a large variety of blackjack games but, of course, not as much as 1XBet. 10Bet began operation in 2033 and has become one of the best in the business. The online gaming platform also has an extensive list of live trading games — both free and paid. 


  • Sleek user interface
  • Sign up bonuses and bonuses throughout the game, especially table games
  • Extensive variety of blackjack games and live blackjack games.


  • Doesn’t have a lot of blackjack games. 


888Casino is one of the old-timers, but then had the 90s user interface, and it is one of the best online blackjack for real money in UAE. While they may need some overhaul with navigation, 888Casino seems to be great with the table games experience. 888Casino has a lot of blackjack variants and other table games. The platform doesn’t also display its betting limits. 

888Casino has all sorts of gold, 888-branded blackjack games, and impressive promotions. Blackjack must have had a rough interface in its first decade but has since evolved into a sleek gaming experience. 


  • 888Casinon offers an impressive array of blackjack games and bonuses. 
  • Sleek platform and UI
  • Excellent table games and games in generally


  • 888Casino likes the black color — and it might not suit everyone. If you are a fan of some black-themed game, then 888Casino is your choice. 

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The best online blackjack games for real money in UAE goes to 1XBet. 22Bet and 888Casino are also excellent choices, especially if you need special-themed blackjack games. If you are looking for the top blackjack casino in UAE, you can try out the five options from the UAE blackjack casino list, check out their features and find what works best for you.  

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