Fashion Trends for 2022

This year’s fashion trends are a healthy mix of old-time favorites and classics with a modern touch. The line between feminine and masculine styles has never been more blurred than it is now with unisex attire becoming part of mainstream fashion. Eco-friendly materials and natural colors have also gained traction in the New Year. Here are the top five fashion trends to watch out for in 2022.  – Fashion Trends for 2022

Watches That Match Your Personality

Watches never go out of style, partly due to their functionality and partly owing to their coveted status as a fashion accessory. Yet another reason for the popularity of watches is the wide range of pricing available that makes it suitable for people on a budget, as well as those looking for some indulgence. A minimum of two watches are a must to enable you to switch seamlessly between the casual and the formal.

Bandanas and Scarves

Available in a variety of materials and finishes, bandanas and scarves are here to stay. Apart from being used as headgear, bandanas and scarves can be used to dress down or dress up any outfit. A scarf can be used as a hairband when you are off to the beach. Use it as a belt to take your dress up a notch when attending an impromptu meeting. Bandanas around the neck could make you look like a cowboy or a country squire, depending on the styling.

Return of Y2K Fashion

All the things that were trending in the early aughts are now back in the limelight. From bubble hems to wearing pants with dresses, it is all back in style once again. Belly chains, bright-colored bags and comfortable yet stylish shoes are flying off the shelves now. With a large inventory and styles suitable for the entire family, timeless classics such as Nike Air Max and eye-catching platforms look set to rule the roost when it comes to footwear favorites. Low-rise jeans and miniskirts are hot favorites with no dearth of choices available.

Bold Colors

Don’t hold back when choosing colors for the season. Pick that bright purple wallet instead of the staid brown or grey. Green, yellow and orange are the flavors of the season and can be seen all over, from apparel to accessories and shoes. Pairing brightly colored accessories with outfits in subdued colors is an excellent way of getting heads to turn.

Berets and Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are a classic favorite, and their gender-neutral appeal makes them popular with men and women alike. For a more feminine touch or a dash of Parisian chic, turn to a stylish beret to do the trick. This elegant accessory makes the perfect finishing touch to a sundress or a well-tailored shirt dress. Keep jewelry and other accessories to a minimum to turn the spotlight on the bold headwear. For maximum emphasis, it is essential to place the beret at just the right angle on the head: covering most of the forehead and slanted slightly to one side.

These are just a handful of trending fashion preferences taking center stage in 2022 that can give you a head start when refreshing your wardrobe. Keep an eye out for the unique when building this year’s collection.