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Salesforce is offering support for data backup and recovery as ta cost, but they are also largely recommending using the third-party apps available at the App Exchange for effective backup and restoration of data. Data is the lifeblood of Salesforce CRM and it is important have a very strong and reliable backup mechanism in place to get the data back in case of any loss or deletion. The native recovery by Salesforce may take up to eight weeks to complete.

Considering all these facts, the best approach is to use third-party apps for Salesforce data backup and restoration. In this article, we will focus on reviewing the top five applications for data recovery on Salesforce. In order to do this review, you need to primarily understand the difference among Salesforce data and metadata and the need for recovering both.

Salesforce data refers to all the records which are stored in the custom and standard objects on Salesforce. All records on Salesforce are referred by a unique datatype called ID. The data available on Salesforce backup is like spreadsheet in which the values are stored in cells. Whereas the data is stored in objects like Cases, Accounts, Leads, Files, Chatters etc.

Metadata in Salesforce is the customization and configuration changes which represents the business requirement of Salesforce. For example, all the changes in the apex trigger, apex classes, custom fields, assignment rules etc. come under metadata.

There are a lot of situations where the salesforce users tend to delete data accidentally from the production instances during bulk upload using Data Loader or while loading manually. In order to retrieve such data, you have to report a data loss and log the recovery case with the Salesforce support. They will provide a certain estimate as what all they can restore in your specific instance. This is what the native Salesforce data backup and recovery support does.

You need to understand that Salesforce service of Data Backup Recovery is not free, but it costs about 10,000 US Dollars per case. Let us explore a sample case.

In order to understand the case of native Salesforce data backup and recovery, let us take a use case scenario as a particular user is working on updating data activity in which he need to perform a delete operation.

  • The case scenario: Upload an excel specifying the details with ID of some objects as Account and then perform the delete operation.
  • Solution: Perform delete operation on Salesforce using salesforce data backup apps as Workbench, Data Loader, etc.

In above use case, if you like to retrieve the specific records, then you can try the following approaches. 

  • Try to restore the deleted records from recycle bin. However, the maximum period these will be available is for 15 days and after than they get deleted permanently.
  • The CSV file used to delete the specific records can be used to insert the deleted records in Salesforce.
  • Try an SQL Query for retrieving the deleted data using ALL Rows and IsDeleted commands. You may run the query to retrieve the data.

In this case, we have directly executed the delete operation but still we have IDs for record that will play a crucial role. This will help retrieve the records from Salesforce. Next, let us explore some of the best data recovery tools for Salesforce, which are available at App Exchange.

Top data backup and recovery tools for Salesforce

There are in fact many tools available for data backup and recovery at Salesforce App Exchange marketplace. Salesforce also recommends using these tools even though the company doesn’t endorse them as official. These tools can effectively backup data and metadata and help in recovery as needed.

  • Ownbackup

OwnBackup is a reliable, product-based Salesforce tool, which offers advanced support in backing up Salesforce data and metadata. This works at real-time and offers the best-in-class assistance. IT can also support different cloud-based solutions apart from Salesforce as nCino, which is a banking software CRM platform and Veeva which is a cloud-based science projects platform which adopts Salesforce platform.

  • Spanning

Spanning is another powerful Salesforce cloud-based backup solution. Office 365 and G-suite provided by the company Spanning. This company is now a competitor of many of the top firms in the field as it offers a very simple and user-friendly click-based approach for Salesforce data backup and recovery in a short span. Spanning has already worked for more than ten thousand organizations. It is also steadily growing which you can keep an eye on for any Salesforce backup solutions in future.

  • Odaseva

Odaseva is a wonderful backup solution, where you can back up the data easily. It also uses advanced data governance to automate the backup and is used by many product-based companies too as Schneider Electric. Odaseva also offers a very user-friendly and time saving approach to data backup and recovery, which makes it the favorite of many leading enterprise Salesforce users.

  • Grax

Grax is a value-added platform for data backup for Salesforce. If you want to ensure a quick recovery of data in time, then you use the time machine features of Grax, which can retrieve your lost data in a matter of hours and ensure normal operations.

  • CloudAlly

CloudAlly is also a reliable cloud backup solution for Salesforce which can be used to back up the whole data to the cloud storage of Amazon S3. By offering a quick and easy solution for the Salesforce users for data backup and recovery, CloudAlly is now being used by a large number of enterprise users across the globe.

These are the top 5 list of Salesforce data backup and recovery as per rate of choice by enterprise users. If you think that it is not needed for you to have a backup tool, then you may have to rethink your data strategy in order to avoid a complete destruction. Even though Salesforce offers data recovery, it may take a lot of time, and this downtime may tamper your business results largely. You may easily browse through various non-native apps and tools at the App Exchange and compare the features of each based on your needs in terms of data backup.

Salesforce is an incredible and practical CRM, which currently lets ventures across the globe further develop their business organization and usefulness. By guaranteeing simple and expanded change of the leads and with numerous addons accessible at AppExchange commercial center, you would now be able to utilize Salesforce for much more extensive applications. Outsider applications welcome on more power and capacity to Salesforce as a CRM stage. Considering the requirement for Salesforce information reinforcement, we will investigate seven first class Marketplace applications that work well for this reason.

This application exists from 2009 onwards and lit lets to make recommendations, introductions, and numerous other significant deals records alongside a reinforcement of information. You can change the articles and field information into point by point plans and reports utilizing the Conga author application. It additionally makes it simple to set up the agreements in a split second. 

On Conga, you can likewise convey the report finished over Google Drive and SpringCM separated from Salesforce. You can likewise send them as online endorsements with DocuSign,using Sertifi, and EchoSign, and so on Conga Composer likewise helps support associations’ usefulness through different capacities like setting off the occasions and booking arrangements.

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