Exploring your sexuality is a perfectly natural and highly beneficial practice. The journey to enhancing your intimate experiences and activities is one that also requires thought and experimentation. If you are interested in experimenting with sex toys, you not only have a ton of options, but you also have various ways you can introduce them into your playtime. 

Any type of sexual exploration requires a safe and non-judgmental space. If you are experimenting with new sensations on your own, then there should be no issue. If you want to introduce these toys into your intimate time with a partner, it’s best to discuss it first to see what type of expectations each of you might have regarding the experience. 

However, regardless of how you intend to indulge in these activities, the purpose of today’s guide is to familiarize you with 5 of the most popular choices among women. From clit vibrators to dildos and more, here they are:

  1. A Clit Vibrator 

These toys work by providing an intense level of pulsation (and sometimes suction) to stimulate the clitoris, bringing intense pleasure and oftentimes, powerful climaxes. They have become immensely popular in recent years as more women enjoy more freedom and sexual liberation. These toys are great for solo play or with a partner.

  1. G-Spot Devices

Although this isn’t necessarily limited to one specific type of sex toy, it is worth mentioning as this is one of the most sensitive and pleasurable parts of a woman’s body, and many have reported that their most intense orgasms come from being stimulated here. There are several options that are designed to maximize attention to the G-spot, including different kinds of vibrators and dildos.

  1. A 2-Way Dildo

For someone who also enjoys anal play, 2-headed dildos are a fantastic addition to your solo sessions. The simultaneous stimulation of vaginal and anal play can take you to new heights of ecstasy and satisfaction. Certain models also have vibration settings so you can introduce pulsating sensations (like with a clit vibrator) in addition to penetration.

  1. A Bullet Vibrator 

This tiny yet very powerful device is something every woman should have in her toy collection. Its compact size makes it perfect for personal play, but also as an unintimidating device to introduce to your partner. It’s also great for travel for those romantic getaways.

  1. Kegel or “Pleasure” Balls

Kegel balls are small, weighted balls designed to be inserted into the vagina. These balls strengthen the pelvic floor, enhancing sexual stimulation and pleasure. With frequent use, these toys provide heightened sensitivity during intercourse, leading to stronger, more explosive orgasms.

Finding The Right Clit Vibrator, Cock Ring, or Other Toys

Although it’s a perfectly normal and healthy part of adult life, many people still find themselves a little embarrassed or hesitant about browsing and purchasing certain kinds of products. Fortunately, this isn’t the 1970s, and we have the internet. 

Numerous online stores can provide countless types of adult toys for you to try. And with the anonymity of shopping online, you can take your time examining each item and deciding if it’s something that you might enjoy.