Fix Your Wanderlust

Canberra, a city known to be filled with nature’s beauty and a city of substance. The capital city is known to house many peaceful sights, award-winning restaurants, and some of the best tour options! The city ignites your imagination and fix your wanderlust and allows you to explore so many choices, all in one place.

Don’t worry though, we’ve compiled a list that you must explore to fix your wanderlust, to satisfy your hunger for wanderlust.

  1. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

A visit to Canberra is incomplete if you don’t see a real Kangaroo! Aussie Kangaroos are known to be a sight to see.

Visiting Tidbinbilla Natural reserve gives you that chance to see Kangaroos, possums, and wombats, at the foothills of the Alps. You can go hiking on the huge trail here, which covers 14 protected habitats, and take as many photos as you want. In fact, you might also spot a koala or two on your visit!

Canberra is known to belong to a relatively young crowd (median age 35), and so has some really thrilling sports.

  1. Heritage centres

Canberra proudly hosts many sites which breathe Australia’s culture and history. Visit the National Gallery of Australia, the National Museum of Australia, and the Australian war memorial. 

You’ll find all these places and some more at Canberra’s focal point and lakeshore point. Other places like the Questacon, National Library of Australia, and Parliament House are worth every penny.

Stroll around to see the beauty the city beholds and even enjoy a good meal at Aubergine (winner of 2 chef Hats) which has a great take on modern Australian cuisine.

3) Wine region trip!

Use your day to travel to Canberra’s wine region. The capital is known for its humongous wine history over the past 160 years. From walking around to tasting some great flavors, it is worth your time. In fact, why not hire Canberra escorts for some good company and fun.

Also, for all the wine lovers, Canberra holds its Wine Week in April, where you can get to enjoy the fruity tarty flavors and the signature drinks all week long!

4) Lake Burley Griffin

Want to look for some adventure? Lake Burley Griffin is the perfect spot to start. The waterside cycle path along the lake offers an impressive view!

Take the city’s map and make a round-the-lake trip for some fresh air! You should also go Kayaking in the river, to watch the sunset. You also have many other water sport options here like paddleboarding, windsurfing, and rowing. Don’t let the water lover in you miss out on these!

5) National Arboretum

Close to Canberra’s city center, a trip to this place would show you the marvelous beauty of 94 forests. The entire collection of forests is known to host thousands of rare trees with symbolic meanings.

Looking for the National Bonsai? Check. Looking for the Penjing Collection? Check. Plan a picnic here, in the serenity and warmth of nature. The National Arboretum shows you the true magic of Earth’s nature.

6) Snowy Mountains

With Canberra acting as the best route to the Australian Alps, you don’t have to drive too far to enjoy some snow! Commonly called ‘Snowy Mountains’, the peak at Kosciuszko National Park is a hub for all winter sports.

Skiing and snowboarding are well-loved activities here. You can even get some training here, all while enjoying the good hotels in the region. Also, in case you are traveling in the summers, the place is still a good stop to make. You can go hiking and enjoy the natural beauty.

7) Learn the glassworks

A very unique tourist spot, Canberra glassworks shows you the art behind each glass product we see! The contemporary place hosts workshops for beginners where you learn everything from casting paperweights to blowing beads.

Known as an artist hub, you even get to take everything you make back home. They also host exhibitions all around the year, in case you just want to see things from afar.

Over to you…

With so much to do to Fix Your Wanderlust, Canberra can never be disappointing! It is Australia’s heart, with the nicest people around and amazing vibes. Here is to hoping that your wanderlust always makes you crave for more!