Influence Of Web Ecommerce

The bounce rate has created much hype in the recent scenario. However, the stats related to bounce rates are quite scary. Whenever you are accessing Google Analytics, there is a need for you to analyze the performance of your online website.

For those of you who are new, you need to realize that a high bounce rate is not very beneficial for the websites and this stands true for e-commerce websites as well. But, if you have a bounce rate that is too high and you are constantly worrying about the bloom of your business, you have the utmost support of the eCommerce development services. These services are known to fix the design of your e-commerce website that will help in reducing the bounce rate of your online website.

Having a reduced bounce rate is likely to have a positive impact on your business and the working of your e-commerce website as well. Now, when you are well versed in the function of the bounce rates, it is important for you to understand the benefits and importance of the same. Also, once you are convinced about the influence of web ecommerce development services on the business, it is of equal importance for you to know it’s working in a full-fledged way.

Meaning and Importance

In simple terms, a bounce can be understood in the form of activity when any user visits and then leaves the e-commerce website on an immediate basis without forming any window for interaction. The bounce rate belonging to any of the e-commerce websites is a clear indication of the percentage of the visitors that have spent less than 6 seconds on your website and diverted to the main page even before that.

You can make use of analytical tools like Google Analytics that take into consideration the quantum of visitor interaction of any e-commerce website and even know whether the visitor has visited any single page of your e-commerce website or now. The bounce rate of your e-commerce website is contained in the report of your business and acts like an analytical tool and is more of a site-wide bounce rate for your online business.

Steps for reducing the bounce rate of your business

The first and foremost step is to make your website faster. If your e-commerce website takes more than 5 seconds to load, there are bleak chances that the website user skips on the thought and leaves your website immediately. So try and make changes so that your website page loads within a time span of 3 seconds.

  • Optimization of the purchase experience

Confusion is a big no for potential users. The visitors of your online e-commerce website should be able to find all the required emergency buttons in use quickly and without wasting any more time on the website. Once you are able to place the CTA correctly, you should be able to optimize, as well as, simplify the process of purchasing from your e-commerce website. Sometimes there are issues in the payment gateway step and hence, you should make sure that it is clean, as well as, secure, for the users to have a long-term interest and trust from buying the online products from your website. 

  • Optimization of the product pages

The product pages are the biggest asset of your online commerce website. But somehow, they act as the biggest barrier in between your business flourishing, as well as, the target audience of your business. So, if your product pages have poor optimization, this is one of the main reasons why the bounce rate of your e-commerce website is so high. If the product pages belonging to your website are not ready, it’s time for you to optimize them with the help of similar experts. A well-optimized page will work well for the business mushrooming, as well as, maintain the bounce-back rate of your customers.


For more info about  the best wordpress ecommerce development companies should not be underestimated at all. They can act as a major source of customer targeting and retention in the long term functioning, as well as, the profitability of your business. If the bounce rate is high, take it as a serious alarm and turn to web ecommerce development services.