If you are fed up with constantly having to clean or replace your jewelry because it has tarnished, you might consider looking into the top types of jewelry that do not tarnish. This can then help you to store your jewelry any way you like without having to worry about whether they will discolor or whether you will have any issues with them. Read on for more information about jewelry that won’t tarnish and that is readily available for you to purchase. 

What metals will tarnish over time? 

First, to prevent yourself from buying a metal that tarnishes, you need to know what metals are particularly susceptible to tarnishing. Metals like silver, bronze, copper, and brass often tarnish incredibly quickly, even though a lot of jewelry is made from these substances. If you buy a product made of this type of metal, you should expect it to tarnish before too long unless you take certain steps to prevent this. These metals are sometimes cheaper than others. 

What jewelry won’t tarnish? 

Other types of metals do not tarnish at all, such as gold and platinum, so if you are going to wear a piece of jewelry every day, you might consider looking for jewelry made from these types of metals first. However, you should be aware that the gold products that you buy may not always be completely pure, and, for this reason, alloyed gold products can sometimes tarnish over time when exposed to air and water. 

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that does not tarnish, you should look for pure gold products. You might also look for products with a higher percentage of gold in them as these will take a much longer time to tarnish. For instance, if you choose products that are made from 14 karat gold or above, you will be able to enjoy this product for longer without worrying about it tarnishing. There are many options for 14k gold earrings and more online. These stores can allow you to enjoy the jewelry that you have without it suddenly rusting or tarnishing. 

What should you do if your jewelry tarnishes? 

However, sometimes inevitably, your jewelry will tarnish. Then, you should make sure that you look after it as well as you can. You can do this by polishing it often and by storing it in a proper jewelry box that can leave it less exposed to air and other elements. If your jewelry has already tarnished, you should consider using one tablespoon of baking soda and salt with water and dipping your tarnished item of jewelry in this mixture. In many cases, this can reverse the effects of the tarnishing and leave your jewelry looking shiny and new again. 

Instead of constantly worrying about your jewelry tarnishing, you should instead research what you are buying, know how to care for your jewelry, and buy higher quality products, especially if you are going to be wearing them every day. 

By Swati