Self Testing

Raise your hand if you hate going to the doctor. Your local medical professionals are probably perfectly nice people, but the process is a drag. These days you can get nearly anything delivered right to your door, and that includes testing kits. While at-home screenings can’t replace your doctor, they do have many benefits. So Self-Testing is better option.


Performing a self-test was created with convenience in mind. Once you decide on a test kit, you can purchase it online and have it sent to your home. The kit will include everything for you to collect your blood, urine, or saliva samples. It’s not complicated, but you should read the directions carefully for more accurate results. If the test can’t provide instant results, you are even given the materials to safely ship your test for processing. Depending on the company you work with, your results will be mailed to you, available to view online, or accessible in an app.


It is easy to say that no one should be embarrassed to talk to their doctor. The truth is that many people are shy about health problems. A visit to the doctor may mean talking to a receptionist, nurse, doctor, or more about your ailments. At-home testing kits may help you bi-pass extra visits to your doctor’s office. You can perform the sampling in the privacy of your home by yourself or with a trusted friend. However, you will likely need to schedule a follow-up appointment if you receive poor results.


The cost of at-home testing kits varies by type and company. Prices may range from free to a few hundred dollars. While the high-end may seem pricey, the cost of the kit is your only expense. You won’t have to pay office or test facility fees. You also can avoid paying transportation fees to the doctor’s office, and you won’t miss any work for an appointment.


At-home testing is very inclusive. It is accessible for anyone that lives almost anywhere. Tests are also available in a wide range of categories. Whether you are trying to get to the bottom of an ailment or doing a preventive screening, you can find a kit to suit your needs. Available test options include everything from cholesterol and diabetes to hormone levels and sexually transmitted diseases.


Screening yourself is an amazing way to be proactive about your health. To make the best choices for your body, you need to understand your current state. It’s responsible to regularly screen yourself so that you can cater your diet and exercise plan for any new conditions. Routine screenings also help catch issues quicker. For many diseases, early diagnosis can improve your outcome. It could literally mean the difference between life and death. Diagnosing contagious health issues is important to prevent spreading them.


Testing yourself at home is often very quick. Many kits ship to you within a matter of days or may even be available at your local pharmacy. You will never have to wait for an available appointment or work around anyone’s schedule. Some results appear within minutes, while others usually take just a few days to get back from processing.


Some health conditions require very routine monitoring. For example, some diabetics must check their blood sugar multiple times a day. If you need or want to monitor yourself closely, be sure to consider at-home tests. Some companies offer applications for you to record your health changes over time.

Many situations will always call for a great doctor, but home test kits have their time and place. Consider if they might be the right choice for you.

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