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Architectural bureaus and construction offices will be imposing their requirements on the trendy file-sharing tools. Firstly, a file-sharing service – primarily used in architecture and construction – needs to handle large files – even more than seven Giga-bytes.Here are Top Seven File Sharing Cloud Computing Softwares for Construction Engineers. You could also check out a cloud transfer solution from GoAnywhere to improve your business.

Unlike many other professionals – QuickBooks Hosting Providers are undoubtedly added to this list, architects prefer to exchange files – of significantly larger sizes.

Henceforth, such fast and robust file-sharing tools are appreciated by specialists in this field – such tools will strictly be adhering to the top cloud computing trends. Most Often, the performance of these mission-critical tools is the key factor – so that the architects and other experienced construction engineers – will outstandingly be performing – whenever the same is required.

Secondly, the service(s) – offered by these file-sharing software – must be focusing on the security and the related encryption standards – for the sake of preventing unauthorized access – to any drafts, estimates, or other documents – primarily related to the construction or the architectural projects.

Those seven mission-critical  file-sharing software

Indistinguishably, the advanced security features are essential – for not only sharing the documents well but also allowing the participants – to collaborate and fulfill the proposed requirements. Here, we will be reviewing the trendy file-sharing tools – that can work unstoppably – for architecture and construction businesses.

File-sharing Software One – Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business

The best thing about Dropbox is that everyone is well-versed – with its usage. Most likely, the architects, constructional engineers, and the ones doubting the unbeatable concepts of Cloud QuickBooks hosting– will already be using DropBox.

That is the only reason why the file-sharing tool – DropBox – can easily be adopted into the daily workflow(s).

Note:  This is necessarily not required to onboard it and getting started – with the same – anytime.

Instead, its business version may be availed in differing plans – this will be including the necessary features. The first one is the granular data access permissions, the second one – may be stated -like advanced security, the third is – undoubtedly – file recovery, and much more.

File-sharing Software Two – Google Drive

Who is still thinking that Google Drive is not another commonly used file-sharing service? If you are the ones who believe the fact that saving time is essential, this file-sharing platform must be accepted and then, chosen for the necessary implementation.

Google Drive

Later, this will be easier – even for the ones struggling with the itemized deductions of the QuickBooks Cloud’s inventories – to perform the mandatory onboarding step.

Mandatory Step: Everyone – who has acquired or planning to acquire the Google account must be familiar with its functionality. Later, it will be much easier to share files – via the Google Drive tool – which offers free storage of some Giga-bytes. This storage may be used for multiple purposes.

But, the fact may not be denied that everyone must have accessed this already. Amongst its advantages, the easy-access from any of the connected devices can’t be ignored. There’s still – a negative side – though: as many of us- will be using it – mostly for our purposes, work-unrelated stuff and the work files would assertively be stored in one place, thereby, adding clutter to the work environment.

File-sharing Software Three – Binfer

Binfer is such a file-sharing solution that will be revolving around cloud storage(s). In this way, it will be capturing the mandatory security – of the transferred data – to the newer level(s): it will never be storing or processing your files.


Concisely, Binfer is well-focused on transferring the larger files – that can exceed the size of five Giga-bytes. Later, one can successfully be enabling file sharing by establishing a strengthened direct connection between the available devices – one can add more devices – if the operations demand the same.

Through this method, the need for uploading files to the cloud servers is surely eliminated. While the data transfer rate is also boosted up.

With its help, the architects of the constructional engineers can share large files – in half the time – if this is compared to other cloud-based platforms.

File-sharing Software Four – Egnyte Connect

A file-sharing tool, which may be renamed Egnyte Connect – has unavoidably become a part of a larger platform – that can hassle-free cover the existing architectural or constructional processes.

Note: We – this includes the Qb Cloud aspirants – may be categorizing the processes as content services, project management, collaboration, and much more.

Egnyte Connect

Parallelly, it will also be allowing the professionals or the less-knowledgeable users – to share their data with remote and internal users. Later, the bandwidth – for the required usage – may be enabled intelligently and the professionals may be collaborating well – on the shared files.

Additionally, this tool will also be helping the masses to enforce security policies – for the sake of protecting intellectual property. Therefore, the compliance will be synchronized well with the trending data regulations.

Moreover, its data-sync features will be offering version control and thus, simplifying work with poor Internet connection common – for the remote job-sites.

File-sharing Software Five – ShareFile

This file-sharing solution – i.e. ShareFile – offered by Citrix – is now focused on work – primarily related to larger files – with the sole purpose of ensuring data safety. Also, it can successfully offer a reliable and speedier way – through which – larger amounts of data can be transferred well.


During the process, unauthorized access will be prohibited and at the same time, the information is protected – this information can be related to Qb Hosting or other software – helping the constructors and the architects with its workflows.

Moreover, its bank-level encryption can surely be protecting the files during the transfers, upload, and storage processes, thus, ensuring secured and encrypted access to the data – traversing from the connected devices to the employees, clients, or the remote workers.

Unavoidably, the Share-File tool has also featured more than twenty customizable security settings that can allow the developers – to configure the users’ data and assigning them the access rules.

File-sharing Software Six – FileCloud

This tool has worked well – for the larger plus the mid-sized teams – which will be requiring a self-hosted solution for sharing the files of variable sizes.

Even, Filecloud can feasibly be deployed on an internal server or in any of the cloud-types, thereby allowing the employees or the developers to create their own space for file sharing, backup, and the much-needed synchronization.

The advantages of accessing – after installing – a self-hosted file sharing tool will be that this will seamlessly be including the ability – of integrating the available devices – with the existing IT infrastructure.

Later, this will be much easier to store the data on-premise and then, configure the relevant storage – as per the safety regulations necessary for safeguarding the company’s data. Thus, this Cloud solution can also allow the developers or other users to enable remote access – to the self-hosted files – from the outside networks.

File-sharing Software Seven – BIM 360

BIM 360 by Autodesk is a marvelous construction management platform that will be including file-sharing services – this service is an integral part of managing the construction and architectural projects.

Also, many of the construction managers prefer to implement this –  as a document management module. This will allow users to share, upload, view, and manage drawings, specifications, models, and other documents.

Since the tool is specifically designed for construction, it will seamlessly be integrating into the management processes, thereby, streamlining the work-modules on those projects of any size and henceforth, it has ensured work-compliance results – with the successful mapping of the initial requirements.

Were the aforementioned file-sharing software award-winning?

Whether it is about mapping the solutions of the available agricultural processes or identifying the risky areas in construction, the seven tools- concisely described – in the above paragraph(s) – may be used for solving the issues – after the risks have been identified.

Also, it will be easier to scale the current QuickBooks Remote Desktop Services through those tools- this is because the files shared onto them -will be storing the data through which the services may be displayed clearly.

Thus, one must call the above best file-sharing softwares an award-winning solution for the construction or the agriculture processes. And, the day is not far when many of the constructional experts will be accepting their advantages- in the real-times.

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