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The job outlook in data science is an exciting one, and has thrived with the increase of the remote workforce. With millions more Americans working from home, tech companies need more data scientists to help them adjust to the evolving workplace. It’s not just the tech sector that is thriving and needs data scientists.

Everyday activities such as voting, NBA predictions, Grammy Awards polls, and Amazon picks are happening now because of data science. Even when you are referred to friend picks on Facebook or LinkedIn, you are appreciating data science according to experts at fintech companies such as Cane Bay Company. These are jobs with median salaries of around $111,200, and tens of thousands of jobs are available today. Learn more about the kinds of jobs in data science here.

Data Analysts

A Data Science Course is that looks at data and determines what it means. You might have seen some on shows like Criminal Minds where the agent cross-checks different keywords and tells commanding officers what those numbers mean. A data analyst in the real world works in many sectors, examining numbers and sets, and interpreting them into plain language for their clients and employers.

Data Engineers

A data engineer is someone that might work out the programming for the “People You May Know” links on social media. They build a base of coding and programming and form records that can be analyzed and viewed by users. Those users can be key stakeholders in a Fortune 500 corporation or someone at the systems processing level that uses trends to draw their own conclusions.

Machine Learning Data Scientists

Some data scientists will work at the coding level, while others will work at the human level. Many work with both. Machine learning data scientists place an emphasis on tech, and the devices and networks needed to aggregate and process data from the devices themselves. They aren’t just data collectors. They need a little vision when it comes to looking at the numbers and coding, and developing algorithms to translate complex bits and bytes into outputs that today’s technology and its coordinating interfaces can use.


Statisticians are among the oldest kinds of data scientists. They use mathematical information to draw conclusions from sets of data to develop applications that result in real-world problem-solving. Among the many challenges facing the business sector today is the inability to determine probabilities deriving from specific behavior, to predict specific behavior.

Statisticians as data scientists can work in a number of different operations and industries, using math as the way to help businesses create new applications and protocols. Statisticians can work at any level in an organization, but typically are connected directly to the tech sector.

Learn More About Data Science

Experts at fintech firms such as Cane Bay Company say that data science is changing the world. If you are on the verge of changing careers or just entering the workforce, you can rest assured that data science is a secure field with plenty of opportunities for upward mobility. Learn more about how to enter this field and get that journey started today.

By Sambit