Types of Marijuana: Strains

Marijuana refers to the dried leaves, stems, seeds, or flowers of the Cannabis plant. It is not distinguished by marijuana packaging, but rather by its different types of preparations and processes. Let’s see the types of marijuana: Strains and their effects.

THC is the main active ingredient for weed or marijuana. It results in psychoactive effects which can affect mood, cognitive functioning, and alertness. Another component is CBD or Cannabidiol, which has relaxation effects, and it is also thought to help with pain relief.

A quick rule of thumb is that the strongest types of marijuana have a higher amount of THC to CBD. This means that the more THC than CBD there is, it is as stronger or more potent type of marijuana. However, if both levels are equal, then CBD can offset the effects of THC.

In this article, we’ll go over the types of marijuana, their top five strains and the effects of each. 

Types of Marijuana


Indica initially originated near Afghanistan, in the Hindu “Kush” region. The climate there is cold and the landscape is mountainous, hence this type of marijuana has the appearance of a bush and tends to be shorter than its counterparts. It features rounder, fuller, and darker leaves compared to sativa. 

Cannabis indica has a lot of THC and low levels of CBD. Thus, it is considered to be one of the strongest types of weed. Its effects are that of relaxation and sedation. This type of weed is perfect for relaxing as it creates a body high. 

Most people use this type of marijuana before going to bed to produce better quality sleep. Thus, this is commonly used by people who have insomnia. It even has better pain relief effects compared to sativa. 


Sativa originated from South Africa and Mexico, which both have warmer climates. The Cannabis sativa grows tall, with thin and long leaves. This type of marijuana is sensitive to light, and must be kept in darkness for over 11 hours per day.

Compared to indica, the cannabis sativa has lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD. Due to this, it has nearly equal levels of both chemicals.

The effect of sativa is a stark contrast to indica, as the former tends to energize a person. Sativa is often used by people during daytime, as it doesn’t have the same relaxing effect as indica. 

Sativa gives off a head high as it provides cognitive effects, whereas indica gives off a body high due to its relaxation effect. It is known for its energizing and mood lifting effects, so it is best used by people who suffer from exhaustion or depression. It can also help those afflicted with mood disorders and ADHD. 


As you can glean from its name, a hybrid is achieved when the seeds of two common strains of cannabis are cross germinated. This is usually done in order to achieve the effects of both strains in one. 

Most strains that are grown at present are actually hybrids, rather than just pure indica or sativa. They are usually dubbed by the most powerful or overpowering effect they have, which depends on its levels of THC and CBD. 

Now that you know the different types of weed, you will be better equipped with the knowledge as to which one you will want or need to use. A word of caution: although strains of marijuana are known for their positive effects, they can stil result in dangerous side effects.

Make sure that it is only used for medical purposes, or is otherwise legal for recreational use in your local jurisdiction. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!