US money reserve reviews

Securing one’s retirement is crucial and running a precious metal-backed SDIRA (Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account) can provide the necessary tools for this. For one, this is because it is an IRA plan that enables investment in eligible precious metals.

Secondly, IRA contributions or profits get tax privileges depending on the kind of plan that you run. You can see this article for more information about this.

Engaging the services of a reputable precious metal IRA company is crucial for securing your retirement if you choose to go down this investment path. This is why you need to properly research the available options to figure out the best for you. Fortunately, this article will review one of the popular options in the market.

Let us talk about the US Money Reserve!

Is the US Money Reserve Legit?

This company is very legit judging by several standards. For starters, its founder – Philip Diehl, has a good reputation. He held the position of the US Mint’s director and is one of the highly appraised directors. Furthermore, he also functioned in the capacity of Chief of Staff for the country’s treasury department at some point.

So, this is a company founded by a figure that has built a good reputation. As a result, so much work is often put into making sure such a reputable image is not soiled.

The status and reputation of its founder usually come up a lot during US money reserve reviews and this is quite understood. But besides this, this company itself has all the necessary licenses that are required for operating as an SDIRA precious metal company.

Additionally, several customers have claimed to be very satisfied with its operations. All these and more prove without a reasonable doubt that the US Money Reserve is not a scam.

How Experienced Is the US Money Reserve?

The United States Money Reserve became actively involved in the market in 2001. This means that it has well over 2 decades of experience meeting the needs of Self-Directed IRA account holders that invest in precious metals. Furthermore, it also sells to clients who prefer to physically hold their assets instead of having them stored in a depository as IRS (Internal Revenue Service) guidelines state.

Reasons to Consider US Money Reserve

US money reserve reviews

It is very high on the list of the most trusted SDIRA precious metal companies in the country. Some of the reasons you may decide to consider engaging its services include the following:

Meeting IRA Needs

Investing in precious metals using a self-directed IRA plan designed for such investment is a good idea. For one, it offers tax privileges as mentioned early on. However, it comes with very stringent guidelines for which penalties apply when violated.

The need to make use of various service providers is one of the stringent guidelines. For example, the purchase of eligible assets has to be done through a custodial service. Furthermore, the self-storage of assets is highly prohibited. Instead, an IRS-approved depository has to house the purchased assets at a cost.

By and large, this company can facilitate all of the required services. This is whether it is custodial or depository services.

Additionally, it performs administrative roles very well. This is by ensuring that your IRA account is properly set up. This is either you are rolling over your 401k or 403k contributions or setting up something without fund transfer from elsewhere.

All these will be done in line with slated regulatory guidelines to avoid triggering penalties and incurring losses in the process. By the way, a self-directed IRA (SDIRA) does not only enable investing in precious metal assets alone. For more on this, you can visit:

Available Products

This company prides itself on being one of the (if not the) largest distributors of IRA-eligible precious metal assets in the country. Some of its products include the following:


  • American Eagle Proof Coins
  • American Eagle Bullion Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  • American Buffalo Bullion Coins
  • Perth Mint Bars


  • American Eagle Bullion Coins
  • Johnson Matthey Bars
  • American Eagle Proof Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coins


  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • American Eagle Bullion Coins

However, it is worth knowing that its products only cut across gold, silver, and platinum assets. It does not allow the purchase or investment in palladium assets.

Commitment to Educating Clients

This company is very intent on making sure its clients make the right decisions in line with their individual needs. These are decisions that include purchasing the right precious metal assets and adhering to IRS guidelines for those that use its IRA services.

BBB Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau is one of the trusted platforms that review such companies. But even at that, some of the alternatives are not accredited by this body even though they may have ratings and reviews on it. Frankly, this raises red flags and makes such companies less trustworthy.

Well, the US Money Reserve is not that way. It is duly accredited by the BBB and has a fair enough rating and reviews on this platform. Its rating by the BBB (as of the time of doing this review) is an A plus. You can click here to read more about this organization and its operations.

Concerns about US Money Reserve

Some of the concerns that have been raised about this company by customers and experts include the following:

Failure to Deal with Palladium

This company does not sell or allow investment in palladium assets. This is considered a disadvantage given how it restricts the client’s investment options. The fact that palladium has been doing very well in the precious metal market especially because of its role in the automobile industry does not make it any better.

Annual Fees

Clients have to pay an annual fee of 250 dollars to use this company’s services. This amount is considered outrageous by some experts, existing, as well as prospective clients.

Wrap Up

The US Money Reserve is one of the popular options for those who want to invest in precious metals through a self-directed IRA plan that enables this. However, the question is if this company ticks all the right boxes. This review certainly helps in answering this question and should help people make informed choices when it comes to precious metals IRA investments.

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