Many forms of limited-overs cricket have been created throughout the years. On 1xBet website – bet in-play experience is a feature available for all disciplines, including cricket. One of the many limited-overs cricket forms that have appeared during the years has been T10 cricket.

This form, as its name suggests, features only ten overs per innings. At the same time, each team has only a single innings during a match. All of this results in the participating teams having 60 legal balls each.

The idea to create T10 cricket has been the same behind the creation of other forms of limited-overs cricket. Many people have tried to expand cricket’s audience and attract younger people into the game. One of the advantages of T10 cricket is that its matches can be completed in approximately 90 minutes. This makes it great for events and instances with limited time. Making a bet in-play on the 1xBet website in cricket and other sports can be made with a lot of simplicity.

Apparition of T10 leagues

Many people have been enthusiastic about the idea behind T10 cricket. For this reason, many countries have decided to introduce T10 competitions of their own. On 1xBet website – try cricket online betting on all these competitions, which have appeared in countries and territories such as:

  • Abu Dhabi;
  • Qatar;
  • the Caribbean;
  • and Sri Lanka.

In general, these competitions have been quite successful. They have had big audiences and a lot of enthusiasm in general. You can try online cricket betting now on the 1xBet website, using the additional characteristics offered by the portal.

Criticism of the format

While many have been enthusiastic about this shorter form of cricket, many others have voiced their concerns about this form. People can follow and bet on this competition by visiting, in this place, they will find everything they need to know about the game.

Some people argue that many batters and bowlers haven’t had the chance to actively participate in the games, since there are fewer balls than in other variations. Also, some studies have stated that the team that bats in second place wins more than 70% of the matches. Some people argue that from the moment that the coin is tossed, a team already obtains a significant advantage over its opponent.

The website 1xBet features all forms of cricket, including T10, where players can place nice wagers with good odds.