Role of a Patent Attorney

Quite a bit of business owners’ time is spent developing their company and its products or services, but this can leave them little time to focus on what to do next. If the business has an idea for a new product, they will need information from patent attorneys on how best to proceed. Therefore here is the role of a patent attorney in the business. In this blog, you will be Understanding the Role of a Patent new business attorney.

Help With Product Development

They can assist in developing new products and services, particularly those that may only be available to businesses and may therefore need protection from other companies or businesses. The business has an idea or invention for a product such as a new herbal formula but cannot yet sell it because a patent does not cover the formula. The lawyer will help them to determine whether protection is necessary and how best to secure it, especially if the idea is deemed too simple or ordinary for patenting.

Help With New Inventions Or Developments

The lawyer will assist the business with the patenting of new products and inventions. It is particularly beneficial when the product has been successfully tested and deployed in the marketplace and is therefore not considered something that needs protection from others. Although the invention is not patented, the business can still use it and mark its origin.

Assist With Things Like Trademarks And Copyrights

They will also help with other intellectual property such as trademarks and copyrights establishing their origins and ensuring ongoing protection for their brands. It can be helpful since these types of intellectual property may be worth more than patents, especially if they are used in commerce to sell a product or service. A trademark is the name or symbol of a company or organization, which distinguishes it from competitors. A business may register for trademark protection so that no other company can use its name or logo without permission. The lawyer will also review any contracts to ensure that the brand names are protected and clear ownership before signing them.

Offer Advice With Patent Infringement Issues

They will offer advice to the business when faced with restrictions to their product or are attacked by another business that claims they are infringing on their intellectual property rights. It may occur when the business has invented an entirely new product but not clear patent protection. The lawyer can assist with exploratory discussions between both parties to find a solution for this issue.

Financial Support For Research And Development

With a patent lawyer at one’s company, this process can be much smoother because the business owner will have a legal advisor who knows the laws and regulations on working with new technology. The lawyer can also provide advice on how best to protect the innovations while simultaneously researching the protection of patents for future business.

New Product Development

The business should employ patent attorneys to assist in the development of new products. The lawyer will assist with any issues during research, development, testing, or prototypes. It is an important stage in the production process because the initial steps are the most time-consuming and costly.

Protecting An Invention For Business Purposes

Patent attorneys can also advise how best to protect an invention for business purposes. It is beneficial in the case of a business with multiple patents or one that is particularly keen on protecting its operations.

Stopping Counterfeit Products

A business can employ them to help them stop counterfeit products from being made and sold since these knock-offs may negatively affect the company. It is illegal to manufacture fake goods in some countries, but this does not mean they cannot still sell. They can help protect the business’s trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

Licensing The Product

They can also assist with licensing products for business or commercial use, particularly when the business is trying to develop ties with other companies. A license is permission to use a technology or product, which does not include giving up any ownership rights of the item in question.

Commercializing Products And Services

If a business has decided to patent its work, they will assist with commercializing the product along with other things like obtaining patents in foreign countries. Commercialization is when a product or service is made available on the market for commercial use.

Offering Intellectual Property Protection For Software Developers

A software developer can also benefit from using the services of an intellectual property lawyer to protect their technology and copyrights while offering clear ownership for licensing agreements.

Patents For Algorithms And Software-Based Inventions

They can also help register patents for algorithm and software-based inventions, which are considered the most important type of intellectual property to own.

The Role Of Patent attorneys With Non-Keeper Patents

A non-keeper patent does not relate to any new invention but rather an old invention that has been in perfection and improved upon. A company may still want to develop and patent this improvement or peer into licensing agreements because it could be worth money in the future.

The Role Of Patent attorneys With Technology Transfer Agreements

A business may also benefit from working with them to develop technology transfer agreements, which are legal documents that allow the transfer of knowledge and rights to intellectual property.

Making Sure Patent Rights Are Properly Asserted

The business should also work with them to ensure that the patent rights are in the assertion. It is a step in which the patent lawyer can help protect their rights from those who may want to steal their ideas and inventions.

Creating An Invention Disclosure Form

A product prototype is another great way for a business owner to seek help from a lawyer specializing in intellectual property, particularly if they have created an invention disclosure form for this purpose. A prototype is a sample of the product created physically or a demonstration of how it would operate. It is the first step in creating a commercial product that will help to create a patent application for this invention.

Helping To Determine If An Invention Qualifies For a Patent

A business should work with them to determine if their new creation qualifies for a patent and to determine what types of claims they can use when applying for their rights on the new technology.


It is important to understand that while some attorneys provide these services, many specialize in one area above another. They will also help ensure that they use the best and most effective ways of protecting and commercializing their invention or technology.