Unique Ways To Attract More Customers

It’s the rare business owner who isn’t interested in boosting sales by finding more customers. If you’re looking for new ways to add to your client base, get started with the two unique tips below.

Accept Alternative Payments

Although sellers often prefer cash payments, with some even offering discounts for remuneration in common currency, most businesses accept credit or debit cards as a matter of convenience for their clientele. Yet what if you could offer even more alternatives to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to close a deal with customers who want to pay in a different manner?

Digital Wallets

One option that’s growing in popularity is taking digital wallet payments in exchange for your goods and services. This allows you to draw in customers who prefer the safety of not carrying cash and credit cards with them and may encourage more impulse purchases. Many credit card processing services already make it easy for merchants to accept these electronic funds, so check with your provider to learn about fees and set-up steps.


Another idea is to accept digital currencies. As more people use cryptocurrency exchanges to trade BTC USDT, they’ll be looking for ways to spend their bitcoin and other digital assets. More and more financial services companies have interfaces that work with your payment processing system to accept crypto, so getting the jump on accepting this alternative form of payment will position you well to attract more modern-minded clients.

Hold Flash Sales

While customers may have become accustomed, or even immune, to traditional sale cycles like after-holiday clearances or back-to-school discounts, most are still swayed by the chance to grab an unexpected bargain. The very idea of offering a short-term, exclusive deal via a flash sale is enough to grab any savvy shopper’s attention, and it can be a great way to burn off excess inventory and lure new customers to your website or shop.

Market Effectively

For greater effect, don’t offer flash sales too often, as this can undermine the sense of urgency you’re trying to create. In the same vein, while an advance teaser campaign can generate interest, be sure not to market your event too far ahead of time or carry it on for too long to maintain the sense of exclusivity.

Maximize Impact

Ideally, your flash sale will encourage people to purchase more than just the items you’re featuring. Consider offering incentives for clients who add more to their shopping carts, such as free shipping or a discount on a future purchase if they reach a specific spending threshold. You can also provide encouragement for existing customers to spread the word about your flash sale to new buyers by rewarding them with a referral bonus in the form of an additional discount.

By increasing the number of ways in which customers can pay you and launching strategic flash sales, you’ll be engaging in two outside-the-box methods for boosting your active client list. Try one or both of these options soon, and you’re sure to see your sales grow.

By Sambit