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Jiofi is a device that helps you to create your hotspot and come across true 4G network connectivity. We suggest the latest version of the firmware of the m2s unlock firmware device. You can acquire high-speed internet anywhere, anytime without considering the electrical outlet. It has a built-in rechargeable battery. It is designed to give a super-fast speed of up to 150 Mbps for a smooth user experience. 

We suggest you use the latest version of the firmware jiofi m2s unlock firmware device. Here are the easiest steps to update the firmware’s latest version. Download the latest firmware now. 

The functioning of any networking device depends on the firmware installed on it. Let’s read about JioFi m2s unlock firmware download.

How to Download the Latest JioFi Router Firmware and Update?


You can update JioFi 4G firmware by two methods:

  • JioFi Firmware Automatic Upgrading
  • Manually Upgrade and Download JioFi Firmware

If you are a beginner you must go for the first method. Jio network updates the JioFi device by itself whenever it releases a new version of the firmware. All we have to make the necessary adjustments to the devices. 

This whole process is easy and will help you learn how you can easily upgrade JioFi Firmware. Upgrade JioFi firmware to the latest version. The upgraded version will assure you a faster and smoother internet speed.

Things to do before updating your JioFi routers:

1- Availability of  latest version of JioFi firmware 

2- The battery of the Router Must be charged fully.

3- You will require manufacturer default logins to enter the admin dashboard the first time after the router’s reboot. 

Upgrading JioFi Firmware to Latest Version

After finishing the steps mentioned above you can  proceed for Jiofi m2s unlock firmware download:

1- First operate your router and connect pc to the JioFi network.

2- Afterwards, click on the link that appears on the screen, the admin dashboard will be present on the screen.


3- Now you have to enter a valid username and password. Once it is done, click on “Login”.


4- After clicking on the login, there comes an option for settings. Click on “Setting”.


5-Click on “firmware upgrade” from the menu.


6- To check the latest installed firmware click on “Device Software Version”.


7- Right after, Click on “Browse”, under “Software upgrade”.


8- Choose the location where JioFi firmware is accessible and select it.


9- Now you have selected the updated version. After you have selected the firmware, Now you just need to click on “Apply” to initiate the updating procedure.


10- Now you have to wait for some time. It will take a few moments to finish the procedure. After this procedure successfully ends, your router will reboot automatically.


11- Now you are supposed to hard reset your JioFi router to restore factory settings.


12- Connect your PC or mobile to the latest updated firmware version.


If you follow all the steps properly, nothing can turn wrong. You will successfully upgrade the firmware of your router to the newest version that is available. 

Some Additional features and benefits of JioFi m2s:

1- Handy setup: JioFi m2s is easy to use and set up. It is convenient for users to connect their devices to JioFi hotspot by entering the assigned password.

2- Easy to carry: The device is compact and lightweight, which makes it portable. You can easily carry it in pockets or bags and carry it wherever you go.  

3- Numerous device connectivity: The JioFi m2s permit numerous devices to connect at a time. This makes it convenient for colleagues or friends to share an internet connection. 

4- Portable Power Bank– It can be used as a portable power bank also. It consists of a micro USB port that you can use for charging other devices such as smartphones or tablets. 

5- Budget-friendly Plans– It has a wide range of affordable data plans. 

6- Strong Network Coverage– JioFi m2s uses Jio’s strong 4G network, which offers reliable coverage across several locations. Users can enjoy the smooth internet speed even in the rural areas.  


JioFi m2s is an amazing option for those who require a portable wireless internet solution. Now you don’t need to worry while you are traveling or working in remote areas as you have the best internet backup option. Hope you were able to understand the simple process of Jiofi m2s unlock firmware download. If you are still having difficulty in completing this process, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can we use JioFi without battery?

Yes, we can use JioFi m2s without battery as it is designed to work with and without battery. 

Q2.  What is the speed of JioFi m2s?

Its download speed is up to 150 Mbps and its upload speed is up to 50 Mbps.

Q3. Does JioFi support 5G?

Currently, all JioFi models available in the market are 4G compatible.

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  11. I am using jiofi 4 (jmr1140). Whenever I upload the bin file it says, “please select a .zip file”.
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