It is commonly known that collecting urine samples is a typical practice used by doctors to check their patient’s wellbeing. As collecting urine samples is crucial to clinical diagnosis, pre-analytical inaccuracy of the samples is a problem. Errors are hard to find. The manner of collection, processing, transit, and time duration can all impact the clinical information obtained from urine samples, just as they can with any entry of clinical lab data. Doctors’ offices and laboratories must have sample collection and examination procedures to provide the best outcomes for a urine test. To avoid the errors, the urine container should also be top-quality. Here, we offer you wholesale urine cups from top brands.

 Urine sample containers are available in various styles, sizes, shapes, and quality. Our sampling cups are excellent for collecting and delivering patient samples, such as urine and sputum, as well as for use with fixative fills and formalin.

Contamination and leaking are avoided thanks to high tightness when being stored and transported. The top-quality non-sterile and sterile wholesale urine cups are available here.

General Features:

  • Graduation lines are marked on the cup;
  • Cups are resistant to leakage;
  • It has seal evident to tamper;
  • Each cup includes an individual label;
  • It has a screw lid.

How to Collect a Urine Sample?

  • The method of urine sample collection is very simple.
  • Label your name, date of birth, and sample collection date.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands.
  • Start peeing and collect mid-stream of your urine in the urine cup.
  • Tightly close the screw cap.
  • If your doctor has provided any additional instructions, just follow them.

Features of non-sterile urine cups:

  • The urine cups are made with Polypropylene material.
  • The caps of these cups are made with Polyethylene material.
  • These are also present with varying lid colours like red, green, yellow, blue.

Features of sterile urine cup:

  • The sterile urine cup has various features to distinguish it from a non-sterile urine cup.
  • When supplied, the screw cap is tightly locked at the top of the cup but has a little space in the cap-cup as a way for ethylene oxide gas to easily reach inside the cup and sterilize it.
  • The tightened cap prevents leakage or entrance of any hazardous compounds.
  • The cups are designed so that their lightweight but unbreakable material makes it feasible to carry and transport samples.
  • It also avoids side drip of the urine sample.
  • The cups are packed separately and also in bulk.
  • Caps of urine cups in different colors, including red, blue, green, and yellow, are available.

 Bottom Line:

The best option to store and transport fluid is a urine cup. The specifically made caps include an inner liner intended to push against the cup’s highest walls and create an airtight seal. These are useful in hospitals, laboratories, and at home for sample urine collection. Shop here for online wholesale urine cups of the top-quality. We provide a wide range of wholesale urine cups at the industrial rate by featuring top branded products to meet our customer requirements.