cbd gummies

CBD gummies are a super easy and convenient way to consume CBD regularly and get a consistent dose that will help you manage anxiety, appetite issues, sleep problems, and more. Many people hesitate to try CBD gummies, however, for various reasons, including their vegetarian or vegan diet. Most gummies are made with animal products that produce gelatin, but not the vegan CBD gummies by CBDfx.

Learn more about the different types of CBD gummies available for your enjoyment.

1. High Dosage CBD Gummies

For people who have tried CBD gummies in the past but never felt the effects they wanted to, high dosage CBD gummies may be beneficial. Most commercial CBD gummies offer a measly 5mg-10gm dosage per serving of CBD, which is unlikely to provide any of the desired effects.

High dosage CBD gummies, on the other hand, provide up to 50mg of CBD per serving, five to ten times more than most commercial gummies. This can make a huge difference for symptom relief, and it can actually cost less in the long run, as you will have to purchase fewer gummies per month the get the same effects.

2. Nutrient-Enhanced CBD Gummies

Some CBD gummies come with CBD, sure, but others add more nutrients and components to boost their health benefits. Some CBD gummies include melatonin to help with sleep troubles, and others contain important vitamins and minerals that are important for everyday health. Some even have superfoods, like turmeric and spirulina, two foods that are packed with anti-oxidants and immune-boosting capabilities.

Taking CBD gummies that provide additional benefits, like vitamins and minerals, can help reduce the number of pills you take each day. This, in turn, can also reduce your overall supplement costs if everything you need is included in just one or two supplements instead of several.

3. Gourmet CBD Gummies

Consuming CBD is fun in its own right because there are several different ways to ingest CBD that will give you physical and mental health benefits. It can be rewarding to experiment with different methods to see which ones work best. Some manufacturers try to entice people to try CBD gummies by making them look just like candies from childhood, like peach rings, gummy worms, and more.

These can be fun to eat once in a while, but they are often loaded with sugar that make them taste great, but also could render the CBD less effective. If you want a CBD gummy that tastes sweet, try to find ones that are made with organic sweeteners and without artificial ones.

How CBD Gummies Work

Unlike other methods of CBD ingestion, consuming CBD gummies doesn’t require any special equipment or know-how, though it is important to understand how they work differently than other methods.

Vaping CBD is a popular choice because it allows CBD to enter the bloodstream quickly through the lungs. As a result, users can feel CBD’s effects in as little as 15-20 minutes. At the same time, vaping CBD leads to a shorter duration of effectiveness, and CBD tends to wear off after just a few hours when inhaled.

Eating CBD products takes a bit longer to feel the effects, because the gummies have to reach your small intestine to be absorbed. This can take about two hours, which may deter some from edibles. The benefit of this longer absorption process is that the effects last several hours instead of just a couple, and this is especially helpful for people who take CBD to help with chronic pain or their mental health.

How to Start Taking CBD Gummies

Although eating gummies is as easy as popping them in your mouth, chewing, and swallowing, there are a few steps to take to ensure that you get the most out of your CBD gummy experiences.

To take CBD gummies, start with a small dosage, ingesting one gummy at a time until you see how it affects you. Wait a couple of hours and take another one if you have yet to feel the effects of CBD. The dosage you will need to take depends on your body’s size, how often you have consumed CBD in the past, and more.

It will take a bit of trial and error at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a CBD gummy pro!

By Sambit