After 70 years, human activity declines, and metabolism is gradually disturbed. This is directly related to hormonal changes in old age, low gastric secretion, and intestinal contractions. All this leads to insufficient absorption of nutrients. From our article, you will find out which vitamins for old people over 70 should be taken to support the body. If your relative has long-term care insurance in Brooklyn, then Galaxy Home Care will help you find out details about home care, nutrition, exercises in old age, etc. In this article, you will learn about the importance of taking vitamins in old age.

The need for vitamins for the seniors after 70 years


Additional intake of trace elements, especially for people over 70 years old, is very important, the lack of any of them can be the beginning for the development of various pathologies and deterioration of well-being. Hypovitaminosis occurs in every 4 out of 5 patients older than 70-80 years.


The health of old people over 70 is no longer as strong as in youth. Hypovitaminosis aggravates the situation, accompanied by the following symptoms:


  • increased dryness of the skin;
  • delamination of nails;
  • hair loss;
  • tooth loss;
  • pain in the joints;
  • headache;
  • nervousness, nervous disorders;
  • the weakened immune system, chronic colds;
  • pressure drops;
  • sleep disorders, chronic fatigue;
  • digestive disorders;
  • development of osteoporosis;
  • disorders of the heart and blood vessels.

What vitamins are necessary for seniors over 70 in the first place


Taking into account the restructuring of body systems after 70 years, it becomes clear which vitamin complexes should be taken. Antioxidants, the use of which prevents aging, and the occurrence of cancer, helps the work of blood vessels and the heart and keeps vision and the intestinal mucosa normal. These are vitamins A, E, and C.


C is a water-soluble vitamin found in greens, vegetables, and fruits. E and A are fat soluble, the body gets them from eggs, milk, and butter.


What substances are lacking in a person over 70 years old can be found out during a thorough examination. When the senior’s condition worsens, general signs of malaise become more frequent: loss of appetite, sleep disturbance, lethargy, causeless weakness, and irritability. The symptoms of hypovitaminosis are more severe, but they do not fit into the overall clinical picture of a particular disease.


  1.  The main antioxidant for old people over 70 is ascorbic acid.


It is necessary for the proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Among its tasks:


  • strengthening the heart muscle;
  • decreased permeability of the vascular wall;
  • indirect reduction of cholesterol levels, which prevents the formation of blood clots;
  • a lot of ascorbic acid in red pepper, tomatoes, rose hips, citrus fruits, and sea buckthorn; an old person needs to consume at least 60 mg of vitamin C per day.


  1.  Vitamin A.


Retinol (vitamin A) is good for the eyes. It prevents the cornea from drying out, maintains image clarity and color perception, and helps to preserve vision. It is responsible for the regulation of fat metabolism and activation of tissue respiration. This is the best way to support beauty and youth, it strengthens hair and nails.


Vitamin A deficiency manifests itself in the form of severe fatigue, chronic infectious diseases, baldness, and brittle hair. The high content of this element is in eggs, pumpkin, green peas, herbs, spinach, and carrots. The norm is 800 mcg per day. Vitamin A is absorbed along with fats.


  1. Vitamin E (tocopherol).


Another antioxidant, tocopherol, is very important for seniors over 70 years old, it gives strength, endurance, and energy:


  • it slows down the aging process and protects the brain from damage.
  • it reduces the risk of blood clots, strengthens muscles, and increases efficiency.
  • it inhibits the development of diabetes and cataracts.


The lack of tocopherol is manifested in the deterioration of vision, frequent mood swings, increased fatigue, and general weakness.


  1. Calciferol is an essential vitamin for seniors over 70 years of age.


Do not forget about calciferol (vitamin D) when choosing a vitamin complex for old people over 70 years old. It takes part in the exchange of phosphorus and calcium. Calciferol deficiency exacerbates the problems already existing in almost every person over 50 years old: osteoporosis, pain in the joints and bones, stoop and decreased growth. Also, the lack of this vitamin provokes the development of diabetes mellitus, malignant skin lesions (psoriasis), autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis), hair loss, and dental disease (caries, periodontal disease).


Vitamin D deficiency becomes the culprit of the development of depression, increased nervousness, irritability, appetite, and sleep disorders. Most of the calciferol is produced in the skin under the influence of UV rays, the rest is ingested with food.


Old people over 70 spend less time outdoors and in the sun, which causes rapid skin aging, and the fading of its properties and the products consumed do not compensate for the lack of this important element. Such problems lead to an acute deficiency of calciferol due to intestinal absorption disorders and low intake due to monotonous or poor-quality nutrition.


  1. B vitamins are essential for old people over 70


Vitamin B1 (thiamine) is indispensable for the functioning of the stomach. It is important for people with digestive disorders, as it promotes proper bowel movement. It can be found in beef, peanuts, legumes, oats, and buckwheat.


B1 is responsible for the functioning of the nervous and immune systems. B12 controls the level of hemoglobin. Hypovitaminosis of these elements will provoke the development of anemia, inflammation of the mucous membranes, eye damage, memory impairment, digestive disorders, and sleep.



Treatment of vitamin deficiency in old people should be based on good nutrition, walking in the sun for at least 30 minutes a day (with a lack of vitamin D), and additional intake of nutrients. It is possible to determine which vitamins for old people are necessary in a particular case only after a medical examination. The appointment of any drugs, dosage, and frequency of administration is the task of the doctor. 

If you have an old relative, we recommend that you find a caregiver or companion for him. He will accompany the senior during doctor visits, as well as make sure that he takes all the necessary vitamins and medicines on time. Galaxy Home Care will help you find a reliable employee to care for your loved one. The company responsibly approaches the choice of employees, they regularly take courses to improve their skills.


By Swati