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Want a forklift but your warehouse is too small and narrow? Say no more as the reach truck is the solution to your concerns. This is the best forklift alternative that you can find today. – Reach Trucks

The following piece looks and compares differences between reach trucks and forklifts. Also, it looks at one of the best reach truck brands in detail – Hyster. To give an example American Sign Company uses a forklift to move around sheet of metal because its small enough for inside and can still lift heavy objects.  

Are Reach Trucks Better Than Forklifts?

These trucks provide you with more advantages over a forklift. Below are some frequently asked questions about reach trucks on Google: 

What Is a Reach Truck in A Warehouse?

A reach truck is a vehicle that is used to lift and stack heavy objects. In principle, it is quite similar to a forklift and it does the same job as one. However, there are differences in their size and the place where they’re used. 

What Is the Difference?

While both the trucks are used to lift heavy, a reach truck is much smaller in size. It is also much narrower and it holds the object nearer to its wheelbase. A reach truck is used in smaller warehouses that have more narrower isles. It also has a lesser ground clearance; hence it cannot be used on most roads. 

How do you drive a reach truck? It is the same as a forklift; you take the truck in front of the object, lift it up via the controls, drive it to where it’s needed and then just place it there. It is imperative that you understand the controls of the truck. Do remember that you’ll need an operator’s license for the job though. 

How Much Weight Can a Reach Truck Lift?

It varies based on the company and model of the truck. Take for example, the Hyster reach truck; it is built to weight easily carry up to 2.5 tons. One should remember that reach trucks are smaller than regular forklifts though. As a result of which, their weight capacities are also lower. 

How Many and What Type of Wheels a Does Reach Truck Have?

Like a regular car, a reach truck will come with a total of 4 wheels. It is built so that there are 2 wheels upfront and 2 in the back. Oftentimes, there are some differences between the size of the front and back wheels. 

Reach trucks do have unconventional wheels. The wheels upfront will extend beyond the mast in order to achieve the maximum stability. This is so that the center of gravity remains within the aforementioned wheelbase of the truck. As a result of this, the truck isn’t able to trip over when weight is applied.

Hyster Forklifts

Now that we know what a reach truck is, let’s take a brief look at one of the biggest reach truck brands below:

Where Is Hyster Manufactured?

Hyster trucks are the pride of Europe and that’s the continent you’ll find their production facilities in. The setups exist in the Netherlands, Italy, and N. Ireland. This is not just a feature of the Hyster reach trucks but also of the entire Hyster lineup.

How Much Does a Hyster Forklift Weigh?

A Hyster forklift can weight around 10k pounds. Being so heavy itself, this gives the machine an advantage. As a result, it brings about more stability when you’re using the truck to lift something heavy. There are different models though so you’ll have to check from the official website. 

What Engine Is in A Hyster Forklift?

Hyster reach trucks use small diesel engines that produce just enough power and torque to get the job done. These engines aren’t just propellers though. They’re also built tough and are reliable. As a result, these trucks are able to last very long as far as ownership is concerned. 

Verdict: Is Hyster a Good Forklift?

Yes, Hyster reach trucks are simply better than regular forklifts. Each of these trucks has almost all the gifts that regular forklifts have. It hence combines these with its small size to make quick work of the heaviest objects out there. 

Also, Hyster trucks come with goodies such as a cabin insulated from noise. There are several heating settings for the driver as well. you get a panoramic window plus a heated front windscreen.  

There’s a lot of versatility as well since the truck is offered with several component sizes. 

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