Your Eyeglass Dilemmas

Human beings are the most difficult creatures to satisfy. Be it an outfit, a dish, a lipstick shade, or eyeglasses, we humans are specifically picky about everything, more so when it comes to our appearances. As we know, eyeglasses define our outward appearance as much as our outfits do. So here are some eyeglass-related queries that plague every person’s mind. This article will give The Way To Solve Your Eyeglass Dilemmas and help choose perfect eyewear. 

The Various Styles Of Eyeglasses

As there are choices for everything the world has to offer, so it is in the case of glasses. There are loads of choices, a variety of styles that you are offered when it comes to glasses. From plain square reader’s glasses to stylish Catseye glasses, the world of glasses has a lot to offer to its customers. Below is a list of a few types of glasses available according to the shape of their frames:

  • Rectangle glasses
  • Round glasses
  • Square glasses
  • Oval glasses
  • Catseye glasses
  • Aviator glasses

There are also choices of glass available according to the type of rim the frames have. They are as follows:

  • Full-Rimmed Frames– The lens is fully enclosed on all sides with a border of plastic, metal, or any other material. It gives a bold yet stylish look to the wearer.
  • Rimless Frames– The lens of these glasses are not bordered at any side with any material. This provides for a very minimal style.
  • Semi-Rimless Frames– If you cannot decide if you should go for rimmed glasses or rimless glasses, semi-rimless frames are the right way to go. It is the best of both worlds. With the durability of full-rimmed glasses and minimalism of rimless frames, this is a unique hybrid.
  • Low Bridge Frames– For people with low nose bridges, this type of frame would be the best way to go. This type of frame contains supports for your nose so that your glasses stay in place without you having to worry about them slipping off your nose.
  • Wire Frames–  If you decide to go for a classic look or a retro look, you might want to check out wire-rimmed frames. These minimalist and lightweight frames have a certain charm that is impossible to ignore. So, if you opt to stand out, then go for wire-rimmed frames.
  • Horn Rimmed GlassesHorn Rimmed Glasses (  or horn-rimmed frames are categorized as so not because of their frame type or rim type, but because of the material they are made out of. Horn Rimmed Glasses ( ) are originally made out of either horn or tortoiseshell, but most of the time, they are just made out of hard plastic that resembles the material of a horn or a tortoiseshell.

How To Choose Glasses According To Your Face Shape

Statistically, it has been observed that a person changes their glasses approximately every three years. Why is it so? Well, change is constant all around the world and in every element in this world, including us, human beings. To adapt to these changes around us, we have to make changes within ourselves, be it physically or mentally. So yes, changing glasses to fit the change in a human being’s physical appearance is quite common. So it is very necessary to know the right shape that suits your face and your structure. Not to worry, listed below are the right fits for every face shape to help you choose your next eyeglass.

  • Glasses For Square Faces

Square faces have more angles and sharp lines rather than any kind of softness. These types of faces have an equally proportional forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. Therefore, any rounded frame will soften the sharp lines and give your face a more balanced look. So if you have a square face, it is best if you go for round or oval-shaped glasses.

  • Glasses For Round Faces

Round faces consist of all soft planes and no sharp lines to be perceived anywhere. They have a wide forehead and wide cheekbones, which round off at the chin with a curved jawline. People with this face shape should probably go for some frame type that will provide some much-needed sharp angle to the face. So, a Rectangular frame or any kind of sharp angular frame or geometric frame would be the best choice for round-faced people. It will balance out your smooth features with some of their edges.

  • Glasses For Heart Shaped Faces

A heart-shaped face is wide at the forehead, gradually narrows throughout the jaw, and ends with a slightly pointed chin. They also have high cheekbones. The frames the need to fit their facial shape would be winged-out frames. The kind of frames that jut out slightly from your face. Bottom heavy frames also work for people who have pointed chin. It will balance out your lower face.

  • Glasses For Triangular Faces

A face that is wide at the jaw and narrows towards the face is considered to be a triangular face. It is the upside-down version of a heart-shaped face. The types of frames that will particularly fit the triangular faces are- D-shape frames, aviator frames, and cat eyeglasses. Even round shapes will do wonders for the angles of a triangular face.

  • Glasses For Oval Faces

Faces with slightly wide cheekbones and then a long narrow structure toward the jaw and chin are considered an oval frame. Any shape will fit this kind of face structure. But if it is just a tad oversized compared to your face, it will pose an interesting appearance.  If you need a more personalized choice for your oval face, you can always go for a cat’s eyeglasses that will fit almost every face shape. Also, oversized geometric shapes will fit your face shape well.

Best Eyeglass Brands Around The World

Any eyeglass, especially if it is a doctor prescribed, should not be bought from just any roadside stall or unknown brand. Eye health is very necessary and having good eyeglass from a recognized brand is equally important. So even if it is just for fashion or also if it is a requirement for you, eyeglasses should always be bought from a legitimate brand. Here is a list of some best brands of glasses that are popular all over the world:

  • Vincent Chase
  • John Jacobs
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Ray-Ban
  • Oxydo
  • Boss Orange

Top Online Sites to Shop For Eyeglasses

Everyone prefers online shopping over normal hopping these days. So here is a list of the best online stores for eyeglass shopping. The online shops listed are all legitimate and secure for shopping.

  • Liingo Eyewear
  • Zenni Optical
  • EyeBuyDirect
  • Glasses USA
  • Felix Gray
  • Warby Parker
  • Eyeconic
  • SmartBuyGlasses
  • Fimoo
  • Lenscrafters
  • Jins
  • Felix+Iris
  • Bonlook