Enhance PC Gaming Experience

Many people have become so comfortable with their game consoles that PC Gaming sounds terrifying. But you can’t allow your gaming skills to remain in the past. You must leave the consoles a little to experiment and get familiar with PC gaming. There’re lots of video games that players enjoy better on their PC. Let’s see the ways to enhance your PC gaming experience.

So, if you’re wondering how to make it all work, this article will help you. We also encourage you to join the Battlelog hack community to learn additional things from professionals. Before long, you can become better at PC Gaming. 

We have some essential things that you can do to enjoy your PC gaming. Check them below. 

Ways to Enhance PC Gaming


1. Get the appropriate hardware. 

It all starts with your tools. However, learned that lazy men blame their tools. But that was then. Without the right hardware for your PC gaming, you’ll regret dropping the console. So, the important hardware includes a keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, headsets, microphone. All these peripherals are critical to your success as a PC gamer. But while buying any of them, try locating the best. The good thing is that you can find the ones dedicated to PC gaming. With those products, you’ll enhance your experience. 

2. Uninstall Unnecessary Programs 

One of the annoying aspects of PC gaming is slow speed. Many games are fast-paced and wouldn’t tolerate slacking or lagging. If you don’t react fast enough to risky situations, you may die more than you live on any map. 

This is why you must ensure that your PC is responding fast and consistently. Free the space and remove programs that you’re no longer using. That way, your PC will be effective. But check if the program you want to delete is necessary to facilitate your gaming. 

3. Use Emulators for Old Games

There are many classic games that you cannot play on the present operating systems if you’ve found such games and don’t wish to leave them, use emulators instead. 

Emulators are devices that allow users to run different operating systems. For instance, if you want to put Windows on a Mac OS, an emulator will let you do that. Many of the old games are not compatible with Windows. But many gamers today use Windows or Mac, etc. 

So, to ensure that you don’t miss out, get an emulator and keep the ball rolling. 

4. Don’t play online with WiFi.

This idea may seem old-fashioned, but it’s a necessary approach to better gaming. Don’t connect the internet with Wifi when gaming. Instead, use an “Ethernet cord” to draw the internet into your PC. The main reason for this approach is to avoid latency issues. 

High latency has always been a problem in wireless network connectivity. When the latency is at that level, the time it takes your device to communicate with the server becomes longer. If you’re playing a video game or streaming a video, the delay will frustrate you terribly. 

So, to avoid all those hassles and stress, get the cord and ensure a low latency during your games. 

5. Manage your keyboard well. 

Dropping the game console for a mouse and keyboard is never easy at first. Everything will seem novel and strange on your fingers. But don’t worry. If you get a PC keyboard, especially the mechanical types, you should be alright. 

Another important thing to do is disabling the toggle keys and sticky keys. If you don’t want to think about another thing and have your keyboard develop a mind of its own, disable these little guys before playing. 

6. Consider using a gamepad instead.

The mouse and keyboard characterize PC Gaming. If you master these two for your games, you can hit your chest with pride. But who’s stopping you from simplifying things by using your gamepad. 

Gamepads allow users to control images in a video game. It works faster than the mouse and keyboard for most people. As a result, you can enjoy the PC Games better with this device unless you want to be an all-around pro on laptop or desktop gaming. 

7. Modify your games a bit

Game Mods are great to enhance your PC gaming. These Mods are handy for improving your game graphics and simplifying the game menus. Also, you can use them to improve on the missions and features of a particular video game. 

So, spice things up a bit by loading up the mods and redesigning your PC games. 

8. Consistent Power is critical.

It will be very annoying for your laptop batteries to die when in action. So, if you don’t want such interruptions and disappointments, plug it into a power source before playing. Also, check to ensure that the power setting is at optimal levels. 


It may seem challenging to enjoy PC gaming when you’re starting. But with the tips here and the Battlelog community, you can enhance your experience. 




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