Those who study their horoscopes as a means of self-discovery or the best astrologer in New York are likely to have a thorough understanding of their sun sign. You probably already know your rising sign and the meaning of your moon sign. Indeed, you may even be aware of the other planets in your birth chart and the other houses in your chart, as well.

In addition to providing insight into our characters, astrology may be used to divine the future and foretell events. Nostradamus-style prophecies aren’t involved here; rather, astrology provides you with a heads-up about the kinds of difficulties and possibilities that may lie ahead for you.

You may be amazed at how accurate some of the daily horoscope predictions may be if you take the time to learn more about the mathematics involved in creating an individual daily horoscope. As you study a transit map, you’re going to come across a lot of references to “transit.” When it comes to astrology, what precisely is a “transit,” and how does it affect your own chart? To discover it, continue reading.

In Astrology, What Is A “Transit”?

Astrological transits, as the name suggests, are a way to understand the planets’ continual motion as it passes through the horoscope and into everyday life. The majority of this is done for a person’s birth or natal chart. Jupiter and Saturn’s returns are the most important in a person’s life. 

Every 28 or 29 years, you experience a Saturn return, which has a profound effect on your personality. Reflection, change, and growth occur as a result. It’s a time of significant personal development. Your growth will be affected if Jupiter returns as well. These occur once every twelve years.

Your natal chart by the best astrologer in California may reveal a lot about your personality, which can be traced back to the circumstances surrounding your birth. Why couldn’t I see them? I don’t know what they were doing. This has the power to mold you into the unique individual you were born to be.

What Are They Doing There?

They may not have a major impact on your life, but they do have an impact. They only alter the mood in which you go about your daily activities. Transits may also change the sort of individuals you attract. For example, Mercury, the communicator, may offer you fantastic dialogue and a deeper degree of understanding than you often encounter.

Each of the Transiting Planets Exerts Its Own Impact

It relates to the movement of planets in your star chart. Tripp used the example of a person born with Venus in Capricorn to illustrate his point. Mercury is considered to be transiting a person’s Venus when it moves through the same sign and comes within 10 degrees of the precise position Venus held on the day of their birth. 

Both Mercury and Venus are associated with verbal exchange and movement. As a result, a person in this job may have the opportunity to spend quality time with a significant other or visit family members who live far away.

The kind of influences that enter your orbit may also be affected by transits, especially if the transiting planet crosses paths with your natal sun or moon. Suppose your solar sign is being transited by the fog-shrouded Neptune, Pisces’s governing planet. How exciting would it be to meet a stranger you’ve never met before?

In addition, transiting planets like the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars — which are all inner planets — move swiftly, so their effects will only stay for a short time. But since the outer planets move slowly compared to the inner planets (Jupiter through Saturn), their effects might remain longer. It’s time to start charting our calendars with the movement of the planets so that we can anticipate what’s to come!

Final Thoughts

Although the astrologers have long known about the rising sign, the internet has opened our eyes to the fact that there is more to astrology and our horoscopes than simply our sun signs. We can get a better sense of who we are by considering our rising (or ascending) sign in addition to our sun (which we all know about) and moon (which some of us may be learning for the first time).

At the time of your birth, your rising sign is the zodiac sign that appeared on the eastern horizon as you first came into touch with the physical world. Humanity is the mask you wear,’ therefore your rising sign defines the vessel through which you carry your awareness and spirit.

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