What are ETH USDT?

Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies as well as the platform for many other projects to be deployed. The fact is that the Ethereum blockchain allows developers to build their decentralized applications on it. And they do it massively – numerous blockchain games, DeFi projects, NTF, smart contracts, and other cryptocurrencies are deployed on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Today’s Ethereum price is $1543. You will find this asset on probably all possible crypto exchanges. It is traded in pairs with many other digital assets. One of the most popular and often traded pairs with crypto Ethereum is ETH USDT.

Now let’s talk about USDT. USDT is a digital asset called “stablecoin”. The peculiarity of stablecoins is that they are pegged to real currencies, such as the dollar or euro. Their price is always about one dollar or one euro. Thus, by converting your crypto assets into stablecoin, you, so to say, make your savings more stable. 

Investors convert their crypto investments to USDT for the following reasons:

  • it is required in trading strategies they use;
  • it is convenient to proceed with settlements in USDT. Many people use this asset for paying for goods and services, for USDT price is more reliable than f other cryptos;
  • to avoid rush market fluctuations and risks of losing savings.

Ethereum Sell And Buy

If you are a beginner investor willing to buy token Ethereum, you can do it directly with your bank card. For it, you got to register on one of the most popular crypto exchanges (Binance, WhiteBIT, etc.), register a new account, pass KYC, attach your bank card to the account, deposit your account, open the position on buying ETH with fiat and pay the fee. In the same way, you can sell ETH and exchange it for any other crypto asset or fiat available on the exchange.