Learning a Second Language

The most rewarding aspect of human life and experience is connecting with others in their native language. It feels good when in a foreign land, and you can communicate with the natives in a language they understand the most. Speaking a foreign language makes you smart and good in problem solving. There is a couple of language courses online that you can register now and start your journey to learning a new language. Here are the reasons learning a second language is important.

  1. Take your career to the next level 

Learning a second language is one way of progressing your career. When you learn Spanish, French, or even Swahili, you will be able to take your career beyond the borders. 

Language learning goes hand in hand with your academic achievement. For English-speaking students learning a foreign language is a way of boosting their academic outcomes.

  1. Make you smarter 

Another reason you should learn a second language is to become smarter than your peers. In most cases, when you learn a second language, you become more intelligent and smarter in problem-solving, reasoning, and creativity. A recent study shows that those who can speak a second language are smarter than those who don’t learn another language.

  1. Offers you broad access to education

If you want to take your education beyond the borders, learning a second language is the right place to start. It is possible to earn a degree in another country if you can speak a second language. This could be a cheaper way of getting a college degree – it is also a way of exploring and learning more than you would in your country.

If you are a media student, learning a second language makes it easy to access information and news in other parts of the world where English or your mother tongue is not dominant.

  1. Enhance your multitasking ability 

Being able to manage your time and multitasking are some skills that you will need in life. If you are multilingual, it means you can switch between different languages. The ability to switch and speak in different languages makes it possible to multitask.

Additionally, learning a second language improves your memory. Ideally, the more you put your brain to use in learning a new language, the better your brain becomes in learning grammar and vocabulary rules in other languages. You train your memory to learn and remember new words, connect them, and use them in different contexts.

  1. Gain more global and social skills 

Throughout your interaction with people, you meet those who are not able to communicate effectively in English. For instance, in the US, over 60 million people speak a language other than English.

It means, if you don’t learn a second language, you will be missing out on the chance to interact and communicate with your neighbors.  

By learning a second language, you can develop a positive attitude and appreciation towards the language you learn and the natives of the country.

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