Ryan Kattner, or Honus Honus as his fans call him, is Constance Wu husband, a famous American music composer, singer, screenwriter, entrepreneur, and actor. He hails from Texas, United States. He became famous in the country through the band “Man Man,” where he is a part of the group.

His fans call him Honus Honus because of their love for him. As per the sources, Ryan Kattner is popular in the music industry because he delivered and continues to deliver hit music albums. The famous singles include Use Your Delusion, Six Demon Bag, and In-Between.

Today, this post will teach us more about Constance Wu husband, Ryan Kattner or Honus Honus.


Ryan Kattner came into the world in August 1978 in Texas to a Christian couple. He turned 42 in 2020 and has a loyal personality. This primary characteristic attracts everyone who comes in close contact with Ryan. Per the records on Facebook, Ryan completed his studies at Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School.

After completing his education, Ryan started focusing on music and started his journey. Today, he became a famous personality and earned millions of fans nationwide and worldwide. According to his previous interviews and statements, Ryan found his inspiration to start a career in music from his father.

Ryan possesses multi-hyphenate skills that make him a unique individual. Apart from being Constance Wu husband, his skills in songwriting and composing made him what he is today – a great artist.

Constance Wu Happened!

Constance Wu became popular only in 2015 when she played the role of Jessica Huang in the Fresh Off the Boat sitcom for ABC. However, she has been in the entertainment industry since the early 2000s. Jessica bought her the break she needed and landed several positive reviews, landing her on TV shows and movies. You will know her for Crazy Rich Asians and Hustlers.

Constance Wu husband, Ryan Kattner, maintains his personal life, very private. The same is with Constance Wu. Therefore, it is very tough to see or hear news about them. Luckily, we have all the information and updates about the couple, including Honus Honus.

Constance Wu started secretly dating Ryan Kattner and were in a relationship for over two years. The two share a daughter, and the actress was excited to start a family and share her life with Ryan.

In an interview with E! News, Constance stated that she began her career through a family drama; today, she is repeating it in real life! She went on to say that she is grateful to be part of the show and that she has a child now and would like to share the same with her.

Constance Wu Husband – Ryan’s Life is a Trip!

While Ryan was born in Texas, he had a memorable childhood, growing up in different places. Before settling in Philadelphia, he traveled to places such as the Philippines, South Carolina, Alabama, Illinois, Germany, and Missouri. After that, however, he moved to Los Angeles again to focus on his career.

The Man Man Band

Ryan Kattner is a vocalist for the Man Man band comprising five members. They are Honus Honus, Pow Pow, Sergei Sogay, Critter Cat, and Chang Wang. Of course, they are the screen names, but their music attracts the audience. The band reached Billboard’s Heatseekers chart and is notable for its unorthodox approach.

Ryan often stated that the concept of Man Man was much before they officially formed a band and toured for the last eight years. What makes the team a successful band is using various items, including utensils, toys, and horns!

The Father Role

Constance Wu husband, Ryan Kattner, is a father to a baby girl. He shares her with Constance Wu, and the couple welcomed the baby in August 2020. It would be fascinating to note that the couple never mentioned pregnancy or that they are expecting a child! As stated earlier, they are very tightlipped about their private lives. It is even hard to say if the couple is still a couple!

Constance Wu husband and the relationship came into the spotlight rarely. It was in 2021 that we heard about the couple when Constance Wu was expressing herself as a mother on Jimmy Fallon’s show, “The Tonight Show.” Being a first-time mother, Constance could not stop telling herself what she felt about her baby girl.

Poetry on Walls?

As a songwriter, Ryan found different places to assemble a song, including walls. During an interview in 2015, the Man Man vocalist stated that he wrote songs on walls during a time and that “Shameless” was one among the many!

He further stated that his living room was slant and had only room for the piano and mattress. So, he wrote songs on the walls, which he noticed after the electricity was repaired in the room! He then found out that his songwriting on the walls looked insane. He then thought that it was not the healthy way to live a life, and thus, the “Shameless” came out!

Constance Wu husband, Ryan Kattner’s Lesser-Known Facts

  • Ryan Kattner, or Honus Honus, who is Constance Wu husband, released his first song per his father’s advice.
  • According to his profile on Instagram, his grandfather fought in WWII.
  • He worked as a music supervisor before he joined the Man Man band at Tatered from 2016 to 2018.
  • He loves horror movies.
  • Ryan excels in playing piano, guitar, and ukulele.
  • He posted a clean-shaven image of himself for his fans.
  • Ryan loves designing temporary tattoos, which he posts on his Instagram.
  • He has millions of followers through various social media channels.
  • As per sources, his mother is of Asian descent, while his father is an American.


Constance Wu husband, Ryan Kattner, has a unique personality and skills. Unlike his partner, he ventured into a profession he is passionate about – music. He loves to write songs, compose them, and play instruments. He earned millions of loyal fans through his social media channels and continues to deliver hits with his mates.

You have learned everything about him in this post and will continue to learn through our updates!

By Swati