3D interior visualization

Imagine that you are buying a new apartment in a new building. Suppose the apartment is finished and you need to start making major repairs as soon as possible to give shape to your new apartment.- 3D interior visualization

For someone who is not involved in construction, the question is, how do I make an interior? It used to be a bunch of drawings and hand sketches made with pencil or paints, and to make changes you had to do cumbersome work from the beginning. Now designers and ordinary people have come to the aid of 3D visualization. Even you can try it yourself by reading useful tips on the website https://www.roomplannerapp.com/blog.

What is 3D visualization?

3D interior visualization is a photorealistic image of your future renovation, which is performed by specialized graphic editors. Simply put, every smallest element of the decor can be painted accurately and almost “touch”. You can see the whole selected range of furniture and decoration in the image. For example, if the apartment will be used a parquet, it will be clear whether a certain type of wallpaper will be combined with this type of flooring.

Advantages of 3D visualization

  •         Short deadlines. Creating the basis of the future interior takes quite a short time – literally a day or two.
  •         Realistic model. As mentioned above, 3D visualization has a “presence effect”. In front of you will be almost real space, not dry and flat drawings.
  •         Scale. 3D models often allow you to feel the true scale of the furniture (not to mention the plane drawings).
  •         Many opportunities. The 3D model allows you to test the interior in a different light (artificial and natural). And, for example, when planning a terrace, you will have the opportunity to see its design in different natural conditions.
  •         Editable. Fixing 3D projects is sometimes difficult and time-consuming, but still easier and faster than redrawing tons of drawings and plans.

How is the work on interior visualization?

First of all, you need to decide on the arrangement of furniture, decor and prepare drawings. This is the basis of 3d visualization, as it is performed for each object individually. When creating a 3D model, the actual dimensions and proportions of the room are used. It is very important to take into account the dimensions and competently and ergonomically fit the details.

Second of all, the work of the designer begins. Already the designer, based on his experience, with the technical task, which he received in the process of discussing the interior, creates an image of each room. The customer receives several angles of the room to match all the nuances.

Results: why 3D visualization?

Thanks to 3D visualization, it will be easier for you to imagine how your apartment or house will change after the realization of everything planned. Even before the renovation, you will see the texture of walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, lighting, and other interior items in the smallest detail. In addition, you will have the opportunity to select colours and more.


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