Bitcoin and Blockchain technology has given a new innovative look to almost every financial sector worldwide. Understandably, many people prefer it due to its huge benefits and influence in reshaping how people transact globally. 

One of the markets that have benefited hugely from Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is gambling. Crypto betting has given rise to a whole new type of revolutionary gaming that offers a high level of anonymity, security, and privacy to punters. In fact, its speed of transaction and ease of use is non-comparable with traditional online casinos. 

If you’re looking to earn a few bucks staking in casinos with cryptocurrency, this article will put you through every detail about crypto gambling. 

Crypto Gambling

Crypto Gambling, as the name implies, refers to using cryptocurrency assets for staking and payment on crypto betting sites. The use of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, has become a more popular way of staking assets and financing transactions in a crypto casino. They offer many benefits that make them more suitable for gambling than other payment options.

Benefits of Crypto Betting and Gambling

The importance and benefits of Blockchain technology in the execution of financial transactions cannot be overemphasized. It offers a decentralized, uncontrollable, and unregulated method of transaction in a way that is extremely encrypted and anonymous. 

Therefore, it is unsurprising that cryptocurrencies are a preferred payment method among new and experienced punters. Crypto gambling offers many benefits to gamblers. Some of them are: 

1.High levels of security: One of the most important qualities of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology is its high encryption. This allows players to securely stake their assets with complete peace of mind without risk of fraud, compromise, or hacking. 

2.Anonymity and Privacy: Encryption of user identity is another big perk of using crypto betting sites. This is because all crypto transactions are stored on a Blockchain, a distributed ledger that hides user information behind a machine-readable address. Therefore, you don’t need to expose your personal or financial information with cryptocurrencies.

3.Provably Fair Gaming: Low transparency has been a long-known problem with traditional casinos. In one way or another, the house always has tricks up on its sleeves that cost gamblers their money. However, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology make it hard for casinos to conceal any information since the Blockchain is a public ledger that anyone can access. Therefore, this promotes fair gaming without the casino’s undue influence. 

3.Attractive bonus offers and promotions: Crypto gambling and crypto casinos are a relatively new trend. Therefore many crypto betting sites offer bonuses and promotions to attract punters to the innovation. With these bonuses, new players can check out games without using their real money.

Cons of Crypto Gambling

Since everything has its setbacks, it is important to identify the caveat of crypto gambling. This will help punters figure out the best ways to mitigate the cons while maximizing the full potential of crypto gambling. Some of them include: 

  1. Volatility: Prices of crypto assets are generally u predictable, and they fluctuate more frequently than other financial instruments. Therefore, ensure you have sound risk management before dealing with them.
  2. Lack of regulation: Because cryptocurrencies are decentralized, it is almost impossible to determine whether your assets are handled the right way. Meanwhile, they are not regulated also.
  3. High Gas Fee: Although some cryptocurrencies have lower gas fees, Bitcoin and Ethereum are validated by miners. Therefore, transaction fees, calculated as gas fees, are usually high.

Getting Started with Crypto Gambling

Using crypto betting sites like Coinplay crypto bet is easy and simple. However, before signing up with any crypto betting platform, you must purchase some cryptocurrency first. You can easily buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from a crypto exchange platform like Binance or Coinbase. You can also use PayPal or any crypto ATM near you.

Once you’ve funded your wallet, navigate to your preferred crypto betting sites and complete the sign-up process. Fund your account with supported cryptocurrency and start playing games. You can also take advantage of available bonuses or offers. 

Before choosing a preferred online crypto betting site, it is important to review it and check for important features of a good crypto gambling site. For instance, you must check their gaming portfolio, license, bonus, payment methods, and reputations. However, if that seems stressful, here are some crypto betting sites you can check out:


Coinplay online betting site is a new crypto betting site that provides access to different types of crypto betting site games, including slots, pokers, table games, and liver dealers. They also offer online crypto sports betting services and crypto esport betting. 

With more than 60 supported languages, Coinplay features a mobile-friendly and intuitive user interface and multiple crypto payment options. They also offer bonuses and promotions for new and experienced players.

7Bit Casino

7Bit Casino is one of the oldest names in crypto gambling. It offers thousands of excellent games ranging from slots to poker and table games. The availability of several provably fair games is one of its outstanding perks. There are VIP programs and bonuses available to reward players for their participation.

Super Slots

This is one of the few crypto betting sites available for US punters. It offers multiple payment options that include bank transfers. Meanwhile, it houses a fair number of high-quality games, including table games, slots, poker, baccarat, and craps.


FortuneJack is another crypto gambling platform that gained recognition as an easy-to-use platform for newbies. They offer a wide range of games from top providers, fast transactions, and excellent support.


Established in 2016, 1xBit has established a massive presence as a top crypto betting site. Besides being a sports booking site, it offers more than 500 games. Live betting and horse betting are also available on the platform.

Conclusion: Is Crypto Gambling Safe?

Crypto gambling has provided a whole new way of staking to win money. However, it is important to go for a reputable registered crypto casino that can guarantee the safety of your money.

 Also, it is recommended to follow normal safety practices for safeguarding your asset. For instance, protecting your cryptocurrency with a wallet. Then, do not stake more than you can afford to lose. Bet responsibly.