The popularity of cryptocurrencies and the development of blockchain technology has attracted many users and investment funds to the digital economy. It has even become possible to create tokens without special experience and earn money from them. One of the best platforms in this regard is the DecimalChain platform, created by the Russian team.


DecimalChain is a blockchain and token constructor with its own DEL cryptocurrency, which was launched in August 2020. The BitTeam and Crypton development teams worked on its creation.

We can say that DecimalChain is also a tool that allows you to create tokens for all users who do not have special knowledge in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain itself was designed on the basis  of Cosmos SDK. Due to the fact that it was created on its basis, the DecimalChain blockchain is compatible with the blockchains that are part of the Cosmos Network. The DecimalChain ecosystem has created its own cryptocurrency DEL

Internal DEL token

This coin has several functions. It acts as a reward for those who enter the platform community, provides security, transparency of transactions over the network. The transaction fee does not exceed 0.41 DEL, only the owners have access to their assets.

The DEL cryptocurrency can be the basis when users create their own digital coins. All transfers are made within a few seconds. 

Users can transfer their DEL to validators and engage in mining without spending money on purchasing equipment for these purposes. The market value of the cryptocurrency is stable.

Once again, it should be emphasized an important feature of the DEL cryptocurrency – all coins issued by users are backed by the DEL cryptocurrency guarantee.

What is the uniqueness and advantages of DecimalChain

The uniqueness of the platform, as well as its advantages, consist in several components.

You can create a coin yourself quickly.

Each of the users, even if they do not have special knowledge and experience, can use the DecimalChain constructor to develop their own token and release it to the market. It is not necessary to download software for these purposes, to study the basics of blockchain for a long time. All features are implemented in a single constructor that allows you to create any token, including:

  •       NFT
  •   Stablecoin
  •   Liquid asset
  •       Illiquid asset.

If the user wants to develop their own project, where it is supposed to use cryptocurrency. A couple of clicks on the DecimalChain platform’s website is enough, and the user gets his own crypto asset at his disposal.

The DPoS mechanism is implemented in the ecosystem

Therefore, it is stable and reliable. DPoS ensures fast verification of transfers. All validators working in the network operate according to a certain procedure, where fines and incentives apply.

Many operations can be performed

There are no delays in the network, and special validator software allows you to confirm multiple transfers. If the network increases, then the number of validators working in it also increases.

Assets are freely converted on the platform

By using the collateral mechanism, all coins in the system can be exchanged for any other assets. If a user wants to remove a particular token from his wallet, he can always exchange it.

Tendermint is used

Tendermint is the basis of the Decimal blockchain. Due to this software, applications on the network work without failures. Since Tendermint is included in the Cosmos network, Decimal itself is compatible with almost every blockchain that is included in the Cosmos Network. This greatly increases the versatility and functionality of the Decimalchain ecosystem. 

The possibility of obtaining additional profit has been realized

Clients who are members of the platform community have the opportunity to delegate their tokens to validators and receive additional income due to this. In turn, validators receive rewards when they support the network, verify transactions, and distribute blockchain blocks among everyone who delegated tokens to them.

Fees are paid with any tokens.

Since all coins are secured by reserves in DEL, you can pay a commission fee for transfers with any coin included in the ecosystem.  

Users can receive rewards if they keep the network running

If a client wants to supply equipment and launch a masternode, the platform will pay him a reward for signed blocks. No special training is required to become a validator.

The platform’s blockchain provides support, dispatch, storage of NFT and SFT.

All users can upload pictures, audio or video files and convert them into valuable NFT. Moreover, each NFT released in Decimalchain is really unique and cannot be replaced! SFT tokens are issued in a limited number, and they are also unique in their structure.

Cross-chain transfers are involved

Thanks to them, each user can transfer assets between different blockchains, including BSC and Ethereum.

 Decimalchain has the best protection possible

The network is protected by SHA-256, it is used by the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, Bitcoin forks and many leading cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the above features, Decimalchain is becoming more and more popular among users. The development team plans to expand the functionality of the platform. During this year, smart contracts, cross-chain swaps for NFT, Decimal ID will be launched, integration with Cosmos IBC will take place.

Summing up

Thus, Decimalchain is a new milestone in the development of blockchain, providing every user, regardless of their experience and knowledge, the opportunity to create digital assets very quickly.

At the moment, the team sets ambitious goals to provide all participants of the digital market with equal opportunities to profit from cryptocurrencies in a variety of blockchain platforms.

Due to the unique technical architecture of the platform, the financial systems created on its basis become transparent, open, efficient and accessible to everyone.

Developers regularly update the functionality of the platform, creating a reliable basis for the interaction of many blockchains with each other, helping to promote the entire DeFi sector on a global scale.