Are you one of those dealing with the DipAwayMode.exe problem? Or are you doubtful about this executable file being legal or not? Well, in this article we are going to discuss in detail these issues.

A lot of people doubt this file, because of its continuous working in the task manager and the extensive usage of other resources, some users are concerned about the risk that this process could prove to be harmful and may corrupt their system.

However, not much could be said about this with certainty. It would be wrong if we labelled this file as a virus or a horse trojan without concrete proof and confirmation.

Therefore, in this guide, we will be discussing several points about this issue that may give you the idea about this executable file.

What Is Dipawaymode.exe?


You must be wondering what is Dipawaymode.exe?  DipAwayMode.exe is a software application. This is a component that comes with the   AI Suite software and ASUSTek Computer software.

This program is developed by  ASUS and this is a legitimate process that can be found running in Windows Task Manager. 

Dipawaymode.exe is a tool for operating with the Windows framework. This is a combination of freeware programs that includes ASUS System Info, a system debugging tool.

Other programs are ASUS PC Probe, a file manager, ASUS UpDate, a file manager, a system fan speed tool and a logo editor. 

This occurs as users install malware from unofficial websites rather than legally Dipawaymode.exe is To make sure you have any malicious malware allowed or legal file, you only need an antivirus scan on the computer.

Once you end the antivirus search, Dipawaymode.exe  is shown. Follow the guidelines below to figure out what to do when you encounter this harmful executable file.

Information About Dipawaymode.exe!

Here are the following facts you need to know about the Dipawaymode.exe :

Publisher:  ASUS

Location:C:Program Files (x86)ASUSAI Suite IIIThermal Radar 2DIPAwayMode. subfolder;

Full Path:C:Program Files (x86)”—mostly C:Program Files (x86)ASUSAI Suite IIIDIP4DIPAwayMode  

How To Fix Errors Related To Dipawaymode.exe?

There are several approaches that you may try to encounter the Dipawaymode.exe issue in your system and among them disabling Dipawaymode.exe can be an effective option.

It is important to note that you must confirm the legitimacy of Dipawaymode.exe before you decide to delete this executable program. Because the efficiency of any associated programs using that program can be affected.

Keep applications and utilities up to date in order to avoid potential file issues. Computer issues are more likely to be associated with control drivers and device updates. And the probability of issues of this kind is minimal or no.

If you find this file at :(C:WindowsSystem32), there is a high risk that this file is a virus or trojan horse and not a legitimate operating system file.

Thus, when you identify this file is not legitimate it needs to be removed right away.  Here are the following measures you need to take to disable Dipawaymode.exe from your system.

  • You need to reinstall AI-suite on your system through a Driver’s CD when you are confirmed that this is a virus 
  • You can also update AI-Suite to the latest version if you don’t want the first option. is where you will find all the latest updates related to this file.  
  • Unfortunately, if all the methods are not giving you the viable outcome then you may consider SYSTEM RESTORE option. 

Here are the following steps you need to follow to undertake SYSTEM RESTORE option. Note that these steps are compatible only with ( 10/8/7/XP ).

  • Click on the Start Button
  • Input  SYSTEM RESTORE in the search tab and press Enter
  • Click on Next, choose the backup date, and then again press Next.
  • The device will be restored by the date you have chosen, often ending up the next step.


How To Disable Dipawaymode.exe?

If the above approaches have not helped you then you may try this last solution. At this point, we would recommend you to disable Dipawaymode.exe  your system.

But, before that, we are emphasizing on the point that you confirm if the file is legitimate or not. When you are confirmed that Dipawaymode.exe is really causing the problem, here are the following measures you need to take to disable Dipawaymode.exe.

  • Navigate to AI-Suite
  • Launch the Settings window
  • Lastly, undo radio button that shows Away Mode

Other Method:

While dealing with the problem there also comes a question. Should I delete Dipawaymode.exe?

Well, it is important to note that deleting the Dipawaymode.exe executable file is not recommended because it might lead to system disable. 

Therefore, we have mentioned the disable process and it is wiser to go for this option. The DIP Away mode – AI Suite power-saving function that is to be named by DipAwayMode.exe during a certain amount of time while the system stays Idle.

To do so, open AI Suite, go to the Configuration menu and uncheck the Away Mode box to avoid a call again as mentioned. 

When you notice that the method uses unnecessary resources but have confirmed already that it is not harmful, then you should go for a reinstall.   Here is a short guide to the reinstallation of DipAwayMode.exe with its software.

  • Step 1: Open the Run window by pressing Windows key + R key together. In the open Box, type “appwiz.cpl”. Click OK to launch Programs and Features.
  • Step 2: Scroll down from the application list in Programs and Features and right-click AI Suite to pick uninstall. Follow the instructions on the screen to uninstall the AI suite from the system along with DipAwayMode.exe.
  • Step 3: Restart/Reboot your system once the program is removed from your system.
  • Step 4: On the next run, visit the official Asus page at Expand the function list and download the  ASUS AI Suite III.
  • Step 5: After the download is done, activate the installer and follow the on-screen guidance to complete the ASUS AI Suite 3 installation.

Downloading these executable files is not recommended as they may bring several viruses with it that are impossible for you to recognize. These viruses disguised themselves as executable files, that’s why it is not recommended.

Therefore, the software should be reinstalled when you have the choices to download or reinstall. With the above-mentioned method, you will be able to disable or reinstall  DipAwayMode.exe.

Common Dipawaymode.exe Error Message

Although we did not find cases of maliciousness in DipAwayMode.exe, it is worth researching if the executable is valid.

In particular, if you notice that it uses many resources on an ongoing basis. There are quite a few errors that you might face regarding Dipawaymode.exe. These errors are as follows:

  • The kernelbase.dll based errors are one of the most common Dipawaymode.exe errors in Windows operating systems and in Asus computers in particular. Such errors have ultimately influenced other systems elements.
  • Asus systems have had Dipawaymode.exe problems and ntoskernel.exe errors within a computer. This ended in death errors in BSOD or blue screen.
  • In gaming systems this Dipawaymode.exe crash is often documented when playing games and without warning that the error was created because of some bug in the file.
  • The Dipawaymode.exe is an interface that manages performance-related functions within Asus systems and has been identified as creating multiple crash-based errors, such as EZUpdate and other Asus software, within specific sections.
  • Another problem mentioned by some users here is that Dipawaymode.exe is not working when the device wakes up from sleep or hibernation. It will fail and crash the system, resulting in all future system work being destroyed. This error was also recorded during the games.

In all of these situations, changes in configuration inside the system may possibly cause or lead to these file crashes. This is an important system file for Asus-based computers and is especially essential for gaming users.

Moreover, you can receive these error in such form also;

  • Dipawaymode.exe not found.”
  • “Dipawaymode.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”
  • “Cannot find Dipawaymode.exe.”
  • “Dipawaymode.exe Application Error.”
  • “Error starting program: Dipawaymode.exe.”
  • “Dipawaymode.exe is not running.”
  • “Faulting Application Path: Dipawaymode.exe.”
  • “Dipawaymode.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
  • “Dipawaymode.exe failed


Dipawaymode.exe may often act in your system as a problem variable. This executable file should, therefore, be deactivated. Our aim in this article was to provide you with all the fundamental and relevant facts.

Also, you might prefer to use the alternate option if you were not a computer nerd. It may be a spyware or antivirus program installation.

As it would obviously not be a smart idea to deal with this issue manually without significant skills and experience in knowing computer tools.

We hope that these solutions will be helpful to you. But you need to keep in mind our advice that you must first check the legitimacy of the Dipawaymode.exe process before you decide to take any action. 

By Patricia Franklin

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