What is the best type of exercise for weight loss

Everyone desires to have a perfect body shape. The ideal body form is the perception created by society. The people who are overweight or obese have to face body shaming that causes real mental pressures. The increasing pressure compels people to go for short cuts like weight loss pills and crash diets. These weight loss shortcuts are the temporary fix of the problem but not the permanent solution. The side effects that this falsely claimed stuff provides to the human body are quite damaging and lethal for the body. In this article, you will find the best type of exercise for weight loss.

Healthy weight loss strategies need to be adapted to reduce the extra fat from the body. Dietary management and the properly scheduled exercise regimen can help lose healthy weight, so the mind and body will not face any side effects. A balanced diet is sufficient enough to provide an adequate amount of macro and micronutrients. The diet accompanied by physical activity offers a cumulative impact on getting your body fit and adequately shaped.

The role of physical activity in weight loss:

The sedentary lifestyle is quite damaging and harmful for the body even if you take fewer calories than the recommended amounts. The person with a sedentary lifestyle develops a low BMR, then the little piece of food becomes enough for the body as it only needs to survive. The energy input and output should be equal to weight maintenance. For the weight loss, the caloric input should be less than the production. So that more energy is burned daily, leading to eight losses.

Physical activity best type of exercise that boosts the weight loss process. It also helps build a lean mass that is the healthy part of the body and provide proper curves. The fat reduction is more comfortable if you do the exercise or workout 3 to 5 days a week. The continuous training for seven days a week with the same regimen stuck the process at one point. So there should be variability in the exercise regimen and the dietary changes.

How many calories need to lose?

Suppose you are overweight or obese and want to lose weight. You should then know about the number of calories you need to lose each day to achieve your goal. The caloric estimation cannot be done randomly or generally because everyone’s caloric requirement and purpose are different concerning their body needs and shapes. A weight loss calculator is an online tool that helps users get the calories they need to lose everyday concerning age, gender, and height. The calories determine the goal of weight loss to lose weight.

How many calories to lose weight answer is similar to how many calories I eat a day to lose weight. If a person needs to lose 500 calories per day, then reduce the 500 kcal from the recommended amount per day. The 500 calories reduction in the total calories results in a 1-pound reduction in a week. Lose weight calculator provides the personalized results to get higher accuracy in generating the target. Weight loss calculator helpful for the person desiring to lose weight, maintain the weight.

The best type of exercise plans for losing weight are mentioned below:


Walking is one of the most promising and the best type of exercise that affects the whole body equally. Walking is a relaxing physical activity that anyone can do. A brisk walk is preferable for losing weight and reducing fat. If you are a beginner, then walking is an excellent start to have. The 30 to 45 minutes’ walk per day is useful for the initial stage and shedding off the excess fat. Gradually increase the duration to have the continued effects. It helps in shaping your body.


When you get used to walking, then start running or jogging. It is a cardio exercise that helps in weight loss but and provides strength to the heart. It helps to improve the cardio respiratory system to build stamina. It amazingly works on the visceral fat portions that are life-threatening if they remain untreated. The jogging keeps your heart beat faster and pumps blood quicker, which strengthens the heart muscles. Endurance athletes also prefer cardio exercises to make their bodies perform in long-duration practices. Running or jogging 3 to 4 days per week for 20 to 30 minutes is useful and practical to lose weight faster.


Cycling is an athletic sport but appropriate for those who need to build stamina and have a fit body can perform. There is a stationary bike, as well. Indoor and outdoor cycling both are economical and useful for shedding fat. It makes the body muscles fitter and strengthens. The research studies show that cycling helps improve life expectancy by reducing the prevalence of chronic diseases. A healthy heart and cholesterol level prevents the body from diabetes and hypertension.


Yoga and meditation are not directly related to weight loss but can help improve blood circulation, mental peace, and physical wellness. The warm-up is required to initiate the exercise regimen so that your body can stretch the muscles and perform activity appropriately. If yoga or stretching is done in the warm-up, then it is also suitable. The yoga in a day helps make your mind relax and make peace to perform better in any task in a day. The yoga effects are determined after long-term use and remain for a long time. Yoga helps the person in preventing the aging effects and prolongs the life span with high quality. Since yoga and meditation should be in a quiet and calming location, then the yoga retreat in Tulum will be the perfect place for doing yoga. Imagine being surrounded by nature like trees, seas, or mountains. You can also relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Weight lifting:

Weight lifting is generally designated for bodybuilders. The training for the weight lifting is quite challenging but makes the athlete perfect in his take. Weight lifting is a straight exercise that strengthens your muscles and enhances their functionality. It also helps in losing weight and gaining lean mass. The high lean mass sin the body is the symbol of physical fitness.

The best type of exercise help in increasing the basal metabolic rate of the body. When the basal metabolic rate is higher, the increased amount can be grown as their requirement is increased.

The diet for the exercise regimen:

The diet plays an immense role in exercise and physical activity. If you did not make the right diet for the physical activity, it also alters the weight loss process. Before the training, there is a need for some carbohydrate-rich food like sandwiches or granola bars made of cereals. It needs to be eaten at least half an hour before the exercise. It provides energy and fuel to perform the activity. During the training, the body needs micronutrients, and the electrolyte is lost in sweating. So the vitamin water or sports drink is appropriate but needs to take in sips form. After the exercise, the protein requirement is high to fill up the tears made in the muscles. Muscular healing is essential as it prepares the body for nest time exercise and helps build lean mass.

The boiled egg or the protein shake is an excellent option to have after exercise. The fat intake is not much appreciated in all three phases. A well-balanced diet and exercise can help a person boost their weight loss journey. Take the guidance of a qualified dietician and an experienced trainer for the diet and physical activity.

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