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Poker has been a hugely popular card game since early in the 19th century, although some theories suggest that some version of it has been around since the 10th century. What reasons are there for thinking that 2021 will see the number of online poker players continue to rise?

Increasing Popularity Around the World

The US is where poker has traditionally been most popular. It is widely thought that the modern version of this game is based on poque, a French parlour game that was altered upon its arrival in New Orleans in the early 1800s. Following this introduction, the American Civil War and the Wild West saw different versions of poker enter the popular culture and it has remained a favourite since then.

The American fascination with poker has continued in the 21st century, with the New York Times estimating that some 50 million people in the US play it currently. It isn’t known how many of them play online, but the rising number of sites suggests that more and more Americans are going online to play poker. In addition, the wide variety of online poker sites now means that it is easily available to pretty much anyone who has an internet connection in the other countries where online gambling sites operate.

With the example of India, Kunal Patni is a professional poker player who worked in the world of finance until switching to a full-time career in the game in 2014. He confirmed in interviews that his family and friends didn’t believe he was going to play poker professionally at first, but that there are now a lot of young poker players in the country.

Indonesia, Brazil, and Malaysia are other countries around the world where poker is hugely popular, as revealed by research by Rohit Hebbar into Google search volumes for poker terms. There seems to be no limit to the number of countries where people want to play this card game, as even places with no real gambling culture to speak of have taken a shine to poker.

A Greater Number of Sites and Markets

Given the massive number of people who are looking to play games online now, it is easy to see why more and more operators are looking to open fresh sites that all of those players can choose from. Many casinos offer poker games or sections, while poker-specific sites focus purely on this game.

In terms of growth in 2021, the American market could be the key due to poker already being so well-established there. Many new sites are opening up in different states where players couldn’t find online games before now. West Virginia and Michigan are among the states that have recently introduced poker sites to their online gambling arsenals.

In those countries where poker isn’t as well-known yet, the arrival of online sites where people can play should boost the game’s profile. It seems likely that many people are intrigued by the idea of playing poker but have simply never had a chance to do so before now.

With the internet now more accessible in emerging countries, there is a good chance that online poker growth will become more apparent. More people now have smartphones or laptops for playing on. In many cases, the wide range of choices means that players can even choose from a varied selection of international gambling sites.

Going back to the Indian market, the available poker sites in India include those from big brands such as 1XBet, GG Poker, and Dafabet. New players are encouraged to sign up with deals like welcome packages, freeroll tournaments, and big cash prizes. The no deposit bonus that 888 Poker provides is an example of the kind of deal that could help a newcomer to make up their mind and start playing.

Card game

More Growth Ahead Of Card Game

The online poker growth seen in the last few years has been impressive, but it seems likely that 2021 will be an even better year. The American gambling market has been surging ahead in the last few months as new sites have opened up in certain states. Add this to the fact that the card game is becoming more sought-after in new international markets, and we can expect good things in the years ahead.