The ongoing holiday chaos and the cancellation of flights to and from the UK is far from ideal. Hundreds and thousands of holidaymakers have been left disappointed, finding out that they won’t be able to get away at incredibly short notice.

Have your plans been ruined? Are you struggling to get back home and have no idea how to approach the situation?

This article will explain what to do if you get stuck on holiday and how best to deal with the frustrations of not being able to travel home.

What to do when your flight gets cancelled

With the airline disruptions set to continue throughout the summer holidays, it’s important to know your rights for when your flight gets cancelled.

You may be able to claim compensation depending on the cause of the cancellation and how much notice is given. For example, if your flight is cancelled with less than two weeks’ notice and you’ll struggle to make an alternative flight, you can try to claim compensation.

However, if the flight cancellation was out of the airline’s control for issues such as extreme weather conditions or job strikes, you will not be eligible.

Make the most of a bad situation

It might not be all bad if your flight home gets cancelled. Even though the situation is not ideal and it may get in the way of other plans, you can turn the situation around if you allow yourself.

Why not see it as an opportunity to do a bit more sightseeing? The weather back home may be completely miserable, and you’ve got the chance to soak up the last few days of sun before heading back to reality. The situation is really what you make of it!

Extending your stay

If your flight gets cancelled and there are no more available, you may find yourself in a tricky situation trying to afford another hotel to extend your stay. 

It may be worth using a payday loan to help you manage the costs of staying longer than planned. That way you’ll have peace of mind that you have somewhere to stay and won’t be left stranded at the airport. However, you should only consider this in emergencies and if you can afford to stick to the repayment schedule.

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