Real estate as we know it has to do with land and any structures along with natural resources and the likes. There’s a lot of difference between real estate and real property. Investing in landed property means putting your money, time, and energy into a long-term profit-yielding investment.

This article will tell you ways to invest in landed property and also tell you why you should invest. No one wants an investment that wouldn’t bring profit. Therefore, before taking that step, you must be aware of certain things so as not to fall prey to bad investments. Let’s look at some reasons why you should invest.

Real Estate – Why Should I Invest?

Getting your money’s worth is one of the things you consider in any type of investment. Although, real estate is attractive when compared to other traditional sources of income, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any disadvantages. But unlike other investments, it offers low volatility and risk-adjusted returns when compared to bonds and equities.

There are benefits in investing in real estate and these benefits last a long time. One thing about landed properties is that they appreciate over time. Click here for more information on long-term investments. Here are some benefits of investing in real estate.

Protection and Diversification

Protecting your real estate investments involves risk management through insurance, legal structure, risk assessment, cash reserves, etc. Diversification involves spreading your investment across different property types, and geographic diversification, to reduce risk and optimize returns. It is important to develop a strategic plan that aligns with your financial goal.

Protection Against the Eroding Effects of Inflation

Inflation as you know is the gradual increase in the price level of goods and services which leads to the decrease in the purchasing power of the currency. Real estate can serve as a hedge against inflation depending on factors like property type, market conditions, etc.

Although it helps to protect against the erosion of the purchasing power caused by inflation, this is not entirely free of risk. Therefore, as an investor, you ought to carefully consider your investment goals and ability to tolerate risk. So before making any investment for inflation hedge purposes, it is advisable to consult a real estate expert who can provide proper guidance.

Leveraging Power

Leveraging highlights the potential for great returns and increased investment opportunities when borrowing money to finance the acquisition of real estate. It can be of great advantage in some ways like, increased buying power, amplified returns, cash flow enhancement, etc. It is also important to recognize that leverage also comes with risks.

Leverage can be a powerful tool when investing in landed property because it offers the potential for increased returns and portfolio diversification. However, it should be used judiciously and must align with your investment goals and risk tolerance. Also, consult with a financial expert or advisor who can help you make informed decisions and manage the risks associated.

The above-outlined benefits of real estate investment, should build your confidence when you’re planning on going into the business proper. After knowing about the benefits, you may also be asking this question, how can I invest in real estate? The next part of this article will outline simple ways you can do that.

Ways to Invest in Real Estate

There are a number of ways you can invest in real estate. Below are a few of them:

Rental Properties

This is an investment where an individual or entity purchases commercial or residential properties with the primary purpose of generating rental income. The purpose is not for personal use but to rent it out to tenants in exchange for rental payments. This provides some benefits such as income generation, control over the property, long-term wealth building, etc.

When it comes to managing rental properties, one needs to plan carefully and pay attention to some factors. These factors include property maintenance, management of tenants, and the trends in the market. it is important though to make findings before purchasing a rental property. These findings include evaluating the location, potential rental income, and property condition.

So, for you to have a successful rental property ownership, you must have a long-term investment strategy. This also involves having a clear financial plan and being ready for the responsibilities that come with ownership. You may also choose to hire a property management company to handle some tasks such as rent collection, tenant screening, etc.

Flipping Houses

Flipping in real estate involves buying properties and keeping them for a limited time not up to six months or more and selling them off for profit. As a flipper, you can either repair and update a property or you could hold and resell. Whichever approach you choose, ensure that it is of benefit to you.

Let us briefly explain the two approaches mentioned earlier. When it comes to repairing and updating, you can buy a landed property with the hope its value will increase, finish the work involved, and then sell it off at a new price that is greater than what you invested. For hold and resell, you buy a property that is rising fast in profit, keep it for some months, and sell at a profit.

Real Estate Investment Trust

The REIT operates as an intermediary between investors and the real estate market. A corporation is formed whereby investors’ money is used to buy, sell, and operate properties that yield income. It also allows individuals to invest in landed property assets without managing the properties or owning them directly.

REIT can be an enticing option for individuals. These individuals may want exposure to the real estate market without having to deal with the responsibility of owning a property. However, it is important to understand the REIT strategy, and dividend history before investing as performance varies based on their management and focus.

Several individuals have invested in landed property and made tremendous returns. A notable example of such an individual is Dean Graziosi. You can visit to learn more about him. Reading about real estate investors can give you insights into how these experts in the industry have made profits.


Investing in real estate is a good deal when looking for long-term investment. This is when we say, “let your money work for you”. With the details provided in this article, making up your mind on the real estate business shouldn’t be any trouble.

By Swati