If you’ve been in an accident and had your car towed, likely, the company will only release the vehicle to you if you pay for all of the charges on the spot. If this is not something you’ll do, they most likely take the vehicle away with them and store it at their tow yard.

When this does happen, you are responsible for covering the costs of having your vehicle released to you.

These are what you need to know when your car is towed after an accident.

  1. You must pay all of the storage fees for your vehicle

The storage fees for your vehicle will accumulate as time goes by. The first day that it’s stored at the tow company’s storage facility will be the first full day and, this is when the first storage fee is charged to you.

You may be able to take your vehicle home once they give you a release form after paying everything else.

  1. You must pay any outstanding fees before your car is released

It means that you may owe the tow company money for the damage to their vehicle for them to move yours. There may also be other charges such as service and fuel fees due.

  1. Insurance companies typically do not cover these fees

Most insurance companies will only help you pay for the necessary expenses needed to get your car repaired after an accident. It means that you often have to foot the entire bill to recover what’s yours when this happens, or you can’t take your car with you.

  1. You will need to get all of the necessary paperwork before your vehicle is released

The tow company in charge of storing your car after an accident should have all of this paperwork for you when you go to pay what’s due. If they don’t, then it might be wise to call around until you find a place that does.

  1. You should always get a copy of your receipt

You may need this to prove that you paid the necessary fees for having your car released from storage when it’s been towed after an accident. If you do not have any sort of evidence, then it can be hard to know whether or not all of the bills have been covered.

  1. You should be able to get a refund if you did not use the services of the tow company

If you didn’t authorize or request for your car to be towed after an accident, then the tow company may be forced to reimburse you for all of your fees and costs once they find out. This is when you should ask to speak to their manager or whoever makes these decisions.


Accidents can happen at any time, and you may be left without a vehicle after having one. You can also listen to the crash podcast to learn more. It is important to know what you’re responsible for paying and how much it will cost to have your car released from storage by the tow company and To find out more about Sheen car towing check out Sheen Group.