What You Need to Start a Fashion Brand: Top 3 Tips

Have you ever wanted to create your own clothes and flaunt your style? With the introduction of e-commerce and other online shopping platforms, it’s become easier to start your own fashion brand.

However, starting your own fashion brand can be intimidating and downright confusing. The work doesn’t stop when you look for a mannequin for sale and canvas textiles; There are a lot of intricacies and technicalities that come into launching your very own fashion brand.

If you’re reading this article, then you’ve already taken the first step: research. It’s important that you equip yourself with as much knowledge and skills as possible! Read on for our top three tips on what you need to start a fashion brand. 

Identify a need in the market.

If you make something that the market doesn’t really need, then you may have a rough time with your business. 

This is crucial, and it may even make or break your business. It’s essential to find what’s missing from the market through research and your personal insight as a fashion designer! Research will be your best friend, as it can help you figure out what people want. 

Here’s a pro-tip: stalk Instagram influencers. You will most likely find people commenting questions on where to buy the pants the influencer wore, etc. This is very telling of what the people want!

However, this doesn’t mean that you should just copy what people are looking for. Put your own spin into it, make it your own. Having a unique style will be what sets you apart from other aspiring fashion designers.

All of the products that we see are those that cater to a need from the public. It isn’t always the same, so figure out what the people want and make it your own!

Find a factory you can trust and, ideally, visit.

If you’re not making your own clothes and you’re only designing them, then you will need a factory to bring your designs to life.

This is where a clothing factory comes in. You need to source one that you can trust to stay faithful to your designs! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big company, as long as they understand your vision.

It is also recommended that this factory is somewhere that you can visit. Being able to frequently visit the pieces as they’re being made will give you peace of mind, as well as make sure they’re in top shape

When looking for a team to produce your designs, be sure to check their past work. Look at their process, working conditions, and most importantly: their working conditions. Make sure that their team is properly paid, and that they are treated well. Having happy people working on your designs will yield better results!

Marketing, marketing, marketing.

Marketing, marketing, marketing.

Marketing is everything, especially for fashion brands. So you’ve got a great piece of clothing. Marketing it well is the next step to ensure its success!

For fashion, online influencers are the trend and we understand why. Influencers are the trendsetters of their circle and their followers want to wear the same things they do. 

We recommend utilizing the internet to its utmost ability. Find out the best online marketing strategies for you and get to work. The best thing about this is that this will probably cost the least, if you’ll even do the photoshoots of your clothing at home.

You may even hire a small-time photographer to help you shoot your pieces. Make sure to work within your budget and get creative!

We hope that these three tips will help you launch your own fashion brand. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments. 


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