Losing a loved one is always a devastating experience, but your grief can be compounded if their death was caused by someone’s reckless or negligent actions. Sadly, this happens all too often, and the victim’s surviving family are left to suffer the emotional, practical, and financial consequences. 

Although it’s possible to obtain compensation following a wrongful death, few people are aware of the right take legal action in such instances. To help you establish your rights, take a look at some of the situations which can give rise to a wrongful death compensation claim:

1. Medical Malpractice

We rely on medical professionals to use their experience, training, and expertise to provide adequate care when we need it most, but instances of malpractice can have serious and sometimes fatal consequences. A delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis or the wrong treatment can cause immense pain and suffering and may hasten someone’s death or cause their demise. 

It’s easy to assume that medical malpractice is rare but medical errors are actually a leading cause of death in the U.S. When medical malpractice causes the death of a loved one, you could be well within your rights to take legal action against the professional, clinic or hospital responsible. 

2. Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

If someone is injured while they’re performing their duties at work, they can typically obtain some form of compensation. When an employer’s negligence contributes to the incident, for example, an employee can take action against them and obtain compensation. Alternatively, even if the employer wasn’t at fault, an employee may be able to obtain workers’ compensation following a workplace injury or occupational illness.

Similarly, a victim’s family may be eligible to make a claim for wrongful death compensation if their loved one has died while undertaking their work duties. Whether your family member was a construction worker, office worker or delivery driver, their employer can be held liable for their death, depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. 

3. Traffic Accidents

Tragically, the latest statistics show that 38,680 people lost their lives due to traffic accidents in 2020 alone. With more than 12 million collisions occurring each year, it’s not surprising that so many people are the victims of fatal incidents. 

If you’re able to prove that the person responsible for the collision was acting negligently, you could be able to make a compensation claim with help from a wrongful death lawyer. By establishing the facts and assessing the available evidence, your attorney will be able to help you determine if you’re eligible to make a claim and, if so, set about getting you and your family the compensation you deserve. 

4. Defective Products

Before products are available for consumers to purchase, they should be subject to strict testing to ensure they are safe. When a company designs a new product, for example, extensive tests are carried out to ensure it doesn’t pose a safety risk. There are times, however, when defective products make it to the market and consumers inadvertently buy an item that could injure or harm them in some way. 

If an electrical product is defective, for example, it could cause a fire which subsequently injures or kills someone. When this type of situation arises, the person’s family may decide to take legal action against the company responsible. By doing so, they can obtain compensation and raise awareness regarding the dangers of defective products and the impact they can have. 

5. Chemical Exposure

As chemicals can be toxic and are often harmful, there are strict regulations as to how they can be used and stored. Any companies who manufacture or use these chemicals are required to follow relevant health and safety protocols to mitigate the risk they pose, for example. When these protocols aren’t followed, and people are exposed to potentially harmful chemicals it can have devastating consequences and may even result in fatalities. 

If a loved one’s death has been caused by exposure to chemicals, it may be possible to obtain compensation from the person or people responsible. Whether the incident occurred at work, in a public area or in a private property, the victim’s family can be compensated for the loss they have suffered. 

Should You Make a Wrongful Death Claim?

Taking legal action after the loss of a loved one can seem like unnecessary hassle but the death of a family member can have a sudden and significant impact on your finances. While making a claim and taking legal action won’t minimize your loss, it can help to ensure that you don’t suffer financially as a result. By choosing the right legal team, you’ll be able to focus on dealing with your grief while lawyers and attorneys work tirelessly on your claim. As a result, you can obtain justice for your loved one and protect your family’s future.

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